Tons of creative Fortnite concepts are sprinkled across social media with fans sharing their item, cosmetic, and weapon ideas.

The FortniteBR subreddit is one of the most popular places to find new concepts that Fortnite enthusiasts create, as new additions are submitted daily.

Natan33988 posted several pictures of his concept that would add another Mythic item into Fortnite with a catch – The item would spawn friendly Cube Monsters.

IMG: Natan33988

The proposed Mythic item, “The Cube Staff” would spawn within random graves around the island.

This concept would add a few unique options to Fortnite, as it would allow players to equip items with The Cube Staff.

IMG: Natan33988

Once players would equip the staff five friendly Cube Monsters would spawn, and once the staff is unequipped the Monsters would disappear.

Players would be able to deal direct damage by inflicting enemies with 50 damage, however, the staff would have a long hit animation to even out the damage per second.

The Cube Staff would certainly be an interesting addition to Fortnite as we haven’t seen Cube Monsters since the Fortnitemares event.

Epic Games seems to be hesitant on adding new Mythic items to Fortnite since the backlash of the highly controversial Infinity Blade.

The Infinity Blade was added the day of qualifiers for the North American Winter Royale event, which enraged professional players.

The Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel’s The Avengers was added into Fortnite but had its own separate┬ámode.

Would you like to see this concept added into Fortnite, or a concept that would add friendly monsters?

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