Fortnite Block Party submissions have come in all shapes and sizes, but this new museum is entirely unique.


Over the Fortnite seasons, plenty of unique moments have happened in the game that players remember fondly.

The game has only actually been out for a year and a half – although it often feels like longer – and most players remember events beginning with season 3 or season 4.

This new museum created by FuryLeaks ropes off different exhibits around the building which showcases long-gone locations like Leaky Lake, events like the Marshmello concert and biomes like ice and lava.

Here is a tour of the museum which has been submitted to the Fortnite Block Party.

For all the changes that have happened in Fortnite, the game really hasn’t been around that long.

Tilted Towers was only added to the game about 1.25 years ago. But as the seasons go on and on, it would be great to have a place where new players could see some old aspects of Fortnite.

The Marshmello concert is still fresh in most people’s minds but in 2021 it would be great to have a reminder of that event.

Obviously, The Block isn’t a permanent place on the map, but adding in an actual museum location into Fortnite would be a really cool addition to the game.

This type of museum has actually been thought of as a concept in the past, but this is the first time someone has actually taken the time to design the place, as far as I know.

Would you drop into a museum location if it was added to the Fortnite map?

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