The premiere of South Park Season 22 aired on September 26th, during which the writers took yet another jab at modern culture. This time one of the targets included Fortnite.

Below you can watch the clip in which Eric speaks with Butters…

This segment of the 4th Grade Students speaking implies that Fortnite is a game for children, an argument which is often made when comparing Fortnite to rivals such as PUBG and Blackout.

The official South Park Twitter account even Tweeted the quote during the episode’s initial airing.

South Park is known for its dark humor and fearlessness to take on pop culture icons such as Call of Duty, the Kardashian’s, Justin Bieber, as well as sensitive subjects like school shootings, sexism, and more.

What are your thoughts on this, did you watch and enjoy the Episode? Not a fan of South Park? Please keep your comments civil and respectful.

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