The final location of the mysterious purple Cube has been worked out without data mining the game files.

The giant cube entered the Fortnite world on August 24, right in the middle of a Summer Skirmish event, and has puzzled players ever since.

Originally entering the map via a lightning strike at Paradise Palms, the Cube has gone on something of a random journey, traveling via various locations including Titled Towers and Fatal Fields.

The final destination of the map is a hotly contested subject, but it has now been discovered by mobile Fortnite users that it’s likely to end up at Loot Lake.

How did they find out? It turns out if you play the game on mobile and reduce the settings down to low, patches of grass where the cube has been and going are clearly visible.

Based on that theory, a bunch of Reddit users clubbed together to work out the final path, with Loot Lake set to be its final resting spot.

What exactly will happen is another mystery yet to be leaked, but it’s likely to coincide with the launch of Season 6 of the Fortnite Battle Pass. You can view the remaining path of the Cube below.

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