The first season of Fortnite Chapter 2 received an extension into February 2020, so players are hoping there will be some sort of compensation for that.

With many players now wrapping up their Chapter 2 Battle Pass, there is becoming a shortage of fun content to explore in Fortnite.

Epic Games did make the Autumn Queen’s Quest available which allows the community to band together and unlock a new weapon Wrap, but we can’t rely on things like that to continue through the rest of the season.

Battle Passes are a big part of Fortnite.

A perfect way to fill the void would be a mini Battle Pass, perhaps with just 50 tiers instead of the usual 100 tiers. This would give players something to do to pass the time and also get some new cosmetics.

Epic could put it on sale for about half the price of a normal Battle Pass, make a quick buck, and pretty much everyone wins in this scenario.

Reddit user Henginn created a concept of what this looks like and even went as far as explaining how the unlockables would work.

It’s definitely a clever idea that would surely receive a warm welcome from the community. Players will definitely need something to do with all the extra time so what better option than a whole new Battle Pass?

Epic promises there will be plenty of content over the holidays and talks of a live event that players won’t want to miss.

The live events have always been a staple of the final days of the season and the developers have usually knocked it out of the park with them.

We don’t have many clues at what’s in store for the end of the season and now we’re going have to wait even longer. We’ll just have to keep our faith in Epic and hope they have plenty in store for the next couple of months.

Would you be interested in getting a little Battle Pass like this? Let us know what you think!

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  1. I think that idea is shit and if you cant injoy the content at hand then you have been playing for too long and need a small brake thats what i did and now i feel the game is alot more fun and makes it feel new agian and if people cant exept that they have been playing for too long then they may need to talk to a professional about it but i strongly believe in the 100 tear strong grind and maybe more extra for hitting over 100+ like more vbuck but not alot maybe 25 for every 10 levels over 100 would make sence and would make people want to grind for them alot more.

  2. If you actually read epics press release about the season extension, you’ll notice they already mentioned they have a live event planned for the holidays. So we don’t have to wait “months” for another live event.

  3. I think the Mini Battle Pass is a great idea. I passed Tier/Level 100 awhile back and only play now for the social interaction with my Fortnite friends.
    Here’s another idea though;
    For every level over 100 you get Epic takes an equivalent amount of VBucks off the cost of next seasons Battle Pass.
    IE: Reach level 200 get 100 VBucks off so it would be 849 for next seasons Battle Pass

  4. I really like this idea. I’m pretty much done on the battle pass as of now and was curious to what I would be doing until the next season. I think this is a great thought. If it happens I’ll buy it 😃

  5. Hang on. It’s at least 8 weeks until February and most people had this battle pass completed in 5 weeks. We’d need a full 100 tiers to keep us busy until the middle of January.

  6. Wtf you people only play fortnite or something here’s an idea instead of begging epic for shit buy a game i know you have money since you all buy dummy stupid lookin skins so just get a game or two or ten that will keep you occupied until the end of time ok

  7. Just add 50 tiers and you need to add v-buck’s you can’t pay 450 for a battle pass and not get any v-buck’s back at least give the 450 back to players that finished the 50 tiers

  8. My two lads have got tier 151 I think epic games should give mini pass to those who have done that much ur tier 125 for free and the rest half the price ur less as it’s there fault and there choice to extend the season my boys done every mission on there so thay need something to do

  9. I love this concept, I’m done with my battle pass and almost done with my challenges so it’s going to be boring after I finish my challenges. I have some ideas though:
    2 Make it 50 tiers with the price of 400 vbucks
    3 put some good stuff in there so it’s not a waste of vbucks
    4 For every tier they get, they get 50 vbucks so more people can buy it
    5 make it Christmas themed! (Get my ideas to epic please!!!)


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