Fortnite, just as any other video game, sometimes hitches up a bit with bugs and glitches. A recent bug revealed the possibility of a new game mode coming to Creative.

New game modes are always exciting as they give us new ways to play the game we love. LTMs are the most common type of additional experiences, but Epic has other ways of bringing modes into Fortnite.

Battle Royale itself was a new mode for Fortnite to begin with. Creative was another and now we may be getting a glimpse at what Epic wants to do next.

Creative Team Battle Revealed?

A never-before-seen game mode name popped up due to a menu glitch for FortniteBR subreddit user ‘salem133.’

Had a weird glitch and this happened from r/FortNiteBR

The bug didn’t let us know about any specific details for the game mode, but it does give us some ideas about what it could be.

The only information we can gather so far is the mode description: “Play community created team battles.” This seems to be an in-production placeholder text.

Creative ideas and competitions have been heating up in recent months as more and more players tinker with the mode.

Epic Games announced the Fortnite Creative World Cup following the first of the World Cup events. The Creative Cup will feature players playing on a variety of Creative maps to earn a piece of the $3,000,000 prize pool.

What is the purpose of Creative Team Battle?

We believe that the purpose behind creating a ‘Creative Team Battle’ game mode is two-fold for Epic Games.

One, they want more players to experience the community’s creations without having to going to Playground or Creative Hubs. Neither of these modes concentrate players into specific maps and getting enough players together to have fun on a Team Deathmatch map is difficult.

Two, Epic wants to give aspiring Fortnite Creative World Cup players a place to practice their skills. Arena mode is for competitive players, so it’s only fair that Creative players also get a practice game mode.

The World Cup Creative will have a prize pool of $3,000,000 – via Epic Games

Creative Team Battle may include the same maps that are including with the Cup. Each rotating out as the weeks progress and the Cup maps change.

Remember, this is all speculation based on a bug from one player’s game client. It’s completely possible that Epic Games was testing a game mode like this with no real intention of releasing it to the public.

Would you be excited for a mode that allows you to matchmake into popular Creative maps like Death Run? Comment below with what Creative maps you would most like to see featured in this game mode.

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