According to leaked data files, Fortnite could potentially be adding a new Octopus vehicle in a coming update.

Fortnite Season 8 brought a lot of new additions to the game and those additions will be growing even more with future patches.

Leaked data files have suggested a new vehicle is on the way and this backs up what was said during a recent AMA.

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“We’re working on a new single-occupancy vehicle and aren’t quite sure how they’ll play together. The Driftboard’s reception has been really positive though, so we’re actively discussing how long it should stick around,” said Epic Games employee EpicEricSW.

It seems like that new vehicle could be this Octopus vehicle that was found in the files.

The photo above was found by, and the finder theorized that this section would most likely relate to a new vehicle.

Fortnite has a pirate theme going on this season so having an octopus vehicle does make sense.

There’s no indication as to how this vehicle will work or operate so we’ll have to wait for official confirmation for that.

If the theory that more water is coming to the map holds true this may be another water vehicle, and possibly a submarine?

For the time being, this vehicle is just a leak and should be treated as such until Epic Games comes out and announces it.

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