Amongst the flashy new changes in the v8.10 update was a change to matchmaking that affects a large portion of the player base.

Cross-play is an option you can enable in your game to widen the amount of players you will be matched up against.

It was optional but is now becoming mandatory if you play on Xbox or Playstation.

In update v8.10 Epic has changed the cross-play pools. They combined the Xbox and PlayStation pools into one main console pool.

If players on either of those consoles choose to opt-out of cross-platform they will be restricted to creative modes and the playground.

Before this update players on the Nintendo Switch were also included in the same pool as players on Xbox and PS4. Now those players have been moved to a pool with mobile players.

That seems on the surface to be fair play to both groups as the Xbox and PS4 players have more tools available to them on average.

Epic says they think switching the Switch to this pool will provide “an on-average better per-game experience for both Mobile and Switch players.”

This change will have a couple of immediate effects. First, Xbox and PS4 players will have slightly harder lobbies as the Nintendo Switch audience leaned solidly towards bot on the bot to sweat spectrum (BTS).

The Bot to Sweat Spectrum visualized. Original picture from Tony Gaming

Mobile is more towards the center of the BTS spectrum – compared to the Nintendo Switch – so that should mean the mobile lobbies will be easier on average.

Switch players will also have an easier time as both Xbox and PS4 are trending towards sweat lately and replacing them with mobile will make their average game a bit easier.

Where do you rate on the BTS spectrum? Are you happy about these changes to matchmaking?

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  1. Well I guess I won’t be playing to much on my switch anymore. Lol. I don’t want to brag about wins that I got in a bot lobby. Haha

    • Testify to this. I enjoyed the challenge of Xbox and PS4. What is rather ambiguous though is the fact of cross play. Will Switch be paired with mobile in Solo, duos, and squads, or only duos and squads?

      • I think we’ll be paired with mobile in all 3 from what I understand. Unless we’re in a duos/squads cross platform party.

    • Interesting. I don’t have as much experience on mobile or Switch so had to ask around. Between mobile and Switch which one do you think has worse players on average?

        • controller is not much of an advantage vs auto fire, check video on youtube, I also tried the mobile phone and racked up many kills some of which I wasn’t even touching the controls on the phone

          • I agree with you, but I don’t really know how else I can answer that because I posted that comment 3 months ago.

          • I only just started to hunt down switch vs mobile articles, sorry to pop out of left field. I just wish they’d separate us from the mobiles some of which now have 60fps. Just seems like Epic really doesn’t care about switch community at all…..except for the money we might spend.

      • as I commented, switch is at a serious disadvantage, poor framerates and now even worse because of the new neo tilted etc with all it’s bells and whistles that we can’t disable, add to that a lobby full of autofire and you have nightmares for new players, why don’t you do an article about how the autofire works? I tested it with my phone and it was heartbreaking.

  2. auto fire and auto aim = aimbot which means switch players get dumped on yet again. just check you tube for mobile phone auto fire videos and you will see what switch players have been subjected to….basically a lobby full of aimbot


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