Epic Games pushed a matchmaking update for Fortnite Battle Royale on September 23 that announced that bots will be added into lower-skilled lobbies.

The company behind Fortnite Battle Royale has seemingly leaned towards catering their casual community over the competitive and pro communities, which has certainly lowered the moral for aspiring and successful pro players.

Since Epic added in BRUTE mechs, players have voted Season X as the worst season of Battle Royale since it’s 2017 release.

It doesn’t seem like the community is getting the relief they want as a September 23 announcement explained that Epic will be adding in bots to make the game “fairer”.

IMG: Epic Games

Epic will also be implementing skill-based matchmaking so players are more likely to play against others within their skill-gap.

Skill-based matches will begin with the v10.40 update while bots will be added with Season 11.

The announcement also claims that bots will not be added into competitive playlists or Arena.

We will keep you updated with any other announcements Epic might make regarding bots, skill-based matchmaking, or Season 11.