In Season 8, Epic Games added both a water area and a volcano area but both places were pretty small compared to the ice area of Season 7.

This concept proposes a true flooding of Lazy Lagoon that would connect the lagoon to Loot Lake and make a way to travel through the water from one coast to the other.

Fortnite doesn’t exactly need a Panama Canal for any reason, but having so much more water on the map would be a cool development and make Lazy Lagoon a more interesting location.

As it stands, the Lagoon is basically just a lake, some sandy shores and a small connector to the ocean.

This concept would add a bunch more coastal islands and break up the land around the Lagoon to give it a more expansive feeling.

Bigger Lazy Lagoon + Archipelagos (Concept) from r/FortNiteBR

The other nice area this adds is the beach to the north that goes almost all the way to the northeast corner of the map.

Of all the different biomes Fortnite has implemented on the map, a proper beach area has still been missing.

Part of that is the functional difficulty of determining where the water becomes out of bounds, but that is a fairly easy workaround.

Most games featuring a beach area in Fortnite’s art style use a clear change in water color from light to dark to represent the barrier where it becomes too deep and the player dies, that would also work for Fortnite.

The other cool benefit of having water that stretches all the way through the map is that a water based vehicle then becomes a more possibility.

Imagine shooting through that area on a jetski or motorboat, jumping over the little sand bars.

That’s an experience I would love to have in Fortnite and I’m sure I am not alone. This map concept would be the first step into making that a reality.

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