Epic Games ended 2018 with tons of cash in the bank thanks to Fortnite’s massive success. 

It has been reported by Sensor Tower that Fortnite arriving on mobile devices might have been one of Epic’s best moves yet.

IMG: SensorTower

Fortnite mobile arrived on iOS devices in March 2018 and managed to rake in $10 million within its first month!

December 2018 marked Fortnite mobile’s best month yet with an 83 percent increase compared to November 2018.

New mobile installs were up as well with over 5.2 million gamers enjoying Fortnite on their mobile devices.

Epic’s Fortnite has officially reached over 82 million all-time downloads on Apple’s platform.

Throughout Fortnite’s 2018 debut on mobile, the battle royale game grossed more than $455 million on the App Store.

To blow your mind more, Fortnite mobile players have spent around $1.6 million per day since it’s launch in March 2018.

To compare Fortnite mobile’s success to its main competitor, PUBG mobile, Tencent’s Battle Royale game only managed to bring in almost $100 million, or 22 percent of what Fortnite made.

Do you think Epic will find the same success with Fortnite in 2019?

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