Epic added the Lump of Coal to Fortnite with v11.30. It seemed useless at first, but it has more applications than you might know.

The Fortnite v11.30 was the biggest update of Chapter 2 Season 1. The game was beginning to feel a bit stale, so the holiday update came at the perfect time.

We saw a ton of returning items in Fortnite. The Snowman got a massive – and likely overpowered – update. The Hunting Rifle, Snowball Launcher, Presents, and the Tactical AR all returned to the game as the Lump of Coal made its debut.

Upon first glance, the Lump of Coal isn’t much to write home about. Like the Tin Can, it does 20 damage to players without much of a structure-damage multiplier. The new item seems lackluster – only good for styling on an opponent.

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When you look a bit closer, though, the Lump of Coal is more versatile than you might think. You can ride the Lump of Coal like a rocket, for instance – similar to what you can do with a properly-timed Tin Can jump.

This is extremely impractical in a game, however, and doesn’t give you much of a reason to pick the Lump of Coal over a weapon. The item has a secret ability, though. You throw some cola into a Campfire to stoke the flames and heal faster.

Carrying a Lump of Coal has suddenly become a way to quickly heal to 100HP when you’re low on materials. 30 wood doesn’t seem like a lot, but it can be the difference between life and death in the early-game.

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Is this feature enough to carry the Lump of Coal over Mini Shields? No, but it’s far better than the Tin Can with this versatile ability.

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