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Fortnite Loserfruit skin and ‘Fruit Punchers’ emote leaked

The Fortnite Loserfruit skin has been leaked. We can expect to see it hit the Item Shop as soon as tonight.



It appears as though Fortnite creator, Loserfruit, will be the next addition to the Fortnite Icon Series following the release of the v12.60 patch. Data miners were able to see some files relating to her cosmetics pack.

According to these reports, the pack will include a skin, back bling, and emote for the Australian Fortnite personality. There’s no news as to when this skin will be hitting the Item Shop

This skin may be coming to the game sooner rather than later, with the files fully decrypted and available to the data miners who went looking. Loserfruit’s skin and emote have been released by @SkinTrackerCom.

In the clip, below, you can see the Loserfruit skin along with her emote and another leaked emote that has yet to hit the Item Shop. You will reportedly have the ability to select your Loserfruit styles as well – similar to the Ninja skin that’s already in the game.

In addition to this new bundle, Marshmello reportedly received a cosmetic bundle as well. You may be able to grab all of his cosmetics for a discounted price.

With Ninja appearing in the Item Shop last night, it would be no surprise to learn that LoserFruit was coming up next. If not, we can expect to see this skin over the weekend.


Opinion: are rare and OG skins bad for Fortnite players?

The rerelease of the Recon Expert skin begs the question: is keeping skins exclusive to longtime players bad for the Fortnite community? We explore this topic.



OG Fortnite skins: few have them and everyone wants them. Those who have the OG Ghoul Trooper, Skull Trooper, and Renegade Raider can flaunt their Fortnite experience in every lobby they enter.

Is this a good thing for players, though? Are exclusive, OG skins a positive for the Fortnite community, or are they a way for Epic Games to rake-in cash at the expense of their player base? Today, we’re exploring this divisive topic.

This discussion was triggered by the rerelease of the rare Recon Expert skin in the Fortnite Item Shop. It hasn’t been in the normal rotation since it was first released back in 2017. Until now, only the OG Fortnite players had access to this skin.

Take the ‘OG’ element of this skin out of the equation. Look at it objectively. Is it anything special? Is there any reason to purchase this skin other than the (now irrelevant) status symbol of owning it?

Some will say “yes, there is,” and to those people I say: by all means, buy the skin. The reality is, however, that this skin would receive a fraction of the purchases if it was released for the first time in 2020. People are buying it for the ‘OG’ factor, and that’s not a good thing for the Fortnite player base.

We’ve seen this play out several times in Fortnite. The Ghoul and Skull Trooper skins received similar attention when they were rereleased to the Item Shop. Subjectively, these are more interesting skins than the Recon Expert, but their purchases were fueled by the artificial status symbol that came with them – just the same.

Epic threw the true OGs a bone with the aforementioned Trooper skins, giving them exclusive variants that weren’t available to those who recently purchased the items. This doesn’t solve the problem, though. In fact, it creates a new one: account selling.

There will always be a market for video game accounts, whether players are buying alt accounts or ones with a plethora of skins that they missed. By adding ‘OG’ variants to skins, however, Epic are only fueling this black market economy. You can find an account with all of the OG skins on PlayerAuctions for nearly $10,000 USD.

Epic don’t allow players to buy and sell accounts – something that any longtime fans of Tfue will know. Tfue purchased an account with OG skins back in the early days of Fortnite. Epic responded by banning his purchased account and main account, which triggered the Tfault movement that many fans know all too well.

At the same time, Epic are indirectly fueling this economy by keeping certain skins exclusive to those who played during the early days. And we haven’t even mentioned the number of scammers that operate of sites like these.

To be clear, we’re not talking about exclusive Battle Pass cosmetics. These should be exclusive to each season – there’s no arguing that. The argument is that Epic are fueling the account-selling market and raking-in profits every time they rerelease an old skin – all at the expense of, largely, young Fortnite players.

The Renegade Raider is one of the last, true OG skins that hasn’t returned to the Item Shop. You’d be crazy to think that it wasn’t eventually coming back, even if they give the OGs an exclusive variant. It will be an incredibly lucrative Item Shop rotation when Renegade Raider does make her return.

There isn’t much that we can do about this practice, and it’s not the worst thing a video game company has done to make money. To their credit, Epic have handled microtransactions extremely well in Fortnite. This practice is calculated and a bit manipulative, however, and it deserves to be called out.

In the end, our message is this: buy the skins that you want to buy because you like how they look, not because you think they’ll be rare or offer you some sort of artificial status symbol. It can all go away in an instant, as OG Recon Expert owners now know, firsthand.

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How to refund the Dragacorn glider for free in Fortnite

Here’s how to claim your free refund of the Dragacorn glider if you’re not interested in it, anymore.



Update 5/22: Epic have addressed the issue that is preventing some players from refunding the glider. This will be fixed in the next patch.

Original article: In Fortnite v12.60, Epic made changed to the Dragacorn glider animation that made it easier to hit while in the air. For those who don’t know, the previous animation made it very difficult to shoot a player who was using it, triggering some valid pay-to-win complaints from the community.

As a result, Epic removed the glider from competitive playlists and, subsequently, adjusted the animation. It’s back in all playlists but looks a bit different.

Just like Epic did with the Plastic Patroller outfit, they allowed players to receive a refund for the Dragacorn glider after the change went through. There seems to be some confusion on how to redeem this refund, however.

All you have to do is go to settings > Account and Privacy (on the far right) > Submit a Request (the second option) > Dragacorn.

When you go to ‘Submit a Request,’ you’ll see all of the items that you’ve purchased in the last 30 days. The Dragacorn glider will not use up one of your three refund tickets, however. It should also work if you’ve already used all of your refunds.

At the time of writing, Epic have acknowledged a bug that is making it impossible to refund the glider for some players. They’re working on a fix and will have the refund ticket available when they address the issue. Sit tight if it happens to you.

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Fortnite leak points to Loserfruit skin hitting the Item Shop soon

Fortnite creator, Loserfruit, will reportedly be receiving a skin bundle soon, according to leaks.



When the Fortnite Icon Series was first announced, it mentioned Ninja, Loserfruit, and Grefg as the first Fortnite creators to get their own cosmetics in the game. Since then, we’ve seen Travis Scott added along with emotes for Pokimane and Jordan Fisher.

Ninja’s Icon Series bundle was set to be the first of many, but things started to slow down after the release of the creator-focused emotes. Did Epic forget about Grefg and Loserfruit?

With Fortnite v12.60, we learned that they did not. In fact, data miners found encrypted packs for a Loserfruit skin bundle in the game files. This will, reportedly, include a skin, back bling, and emote.

Data miner @Hypex released his findings on Twitter. According to him, the packs are encrypted but will likely be hitting the Item Shop soon. We can expect them as soon as this evening, although we may be waiting a day or two.

Fans of Loserfruit will likely be able to wear her Fortnite skin within the week. Now, all that’s left if Grefg, who has been waiting for a Fortnite bundle since the announcement of the Icon Series.

It will be interesting to see which creator is next. SypherPK stands out as someone who deserves a skin set. He’s a massive creator and someone who has stuck with Fortnite through thick and thin. Who do you think will be the next to grab a Fortnite skin? Let us know on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.

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