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Fortnite Loserfruit skin and ‘Fruit Punchers’ emote leaked

The Fortnite Loserfruit skin has been leaked. We can expect to see it hit the Item Shop as soon as tonight.



It appears as though Fortnite creator, Loserfruit, will be the next addition to the Fortnite Icon Series following the release of the v12.60 patch. Data miners were able to see some files relating to her cosmetics pack.

According to these reports, the pack will include a skin, back bling, and emote for the Australian Fortnite personality. There’s no news as to when this skin will be hitting the Item Shop

This skin may be coming to the game sooner rather than later, with the files fully decrypted and available to the data miners who went looking. Loserfruit’s skin and emote have been released by @SkinTrackerCom.

In the clip, below, you can see the Loserfruit skin along with her emote and another leaked emote that has yet to hit the Item Shop. You will reportedly have the ability to select your Loserfruit styles as well – similar to the Ninja skin that’s already in the game.

In addition to this new bundle, Marshmello reportedly received a cosmetic bundle as well. You may be able to grab all of his cosmetics for a discounted price.

With Ninja appearing in the Item Shop last night, it would be no surprise to learn that LoserFruit was coming up next. If not, we can expect to see this skin over the weekend.

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Fortnite v13.40 leaked skins and cosmetics



Fortnite’s v13.40 Update is here, and along with the introduction of cars, Epic Games have added a lot of new skins and cosmetics that dataminers have leaked.

It’s time to start your engines in Fortnite Season 3, with the Joy Ride vehicles making their long-awaited debut after some delays held back their release to the game.

Of course, a new update means new cosmetics, and as always, dataminer Lucas7yoshi has been hard at work to give us a look at the latest skins, back bling, harvesting tools, and more that we’ll be able to get our hands on when they’re added to the item shop over the coming weeks.

Leaked Fortnite v13.40 Skins and Back Bling

It looks like Jonesy has been having a rough time lately, with a Castaway version of the character included in this set of cosmetics, complete with frayed shorts and a massive beard.

Elsewhere, Shadow skins make a welcome return with Mecha Team Shadow, while Nalia and Derby Dynamo are also sure to become instant fan-favorites.

Shadow characters also get a new back bling, while there’s even a basketball hoop to strap to your back if you want to literally dunk on your enemies.

There are some awesome new versions of classic skins in the v13.40 patch. Credit: Lucas7yoshi

Leaked Fortnite v13.40 Harvesting Tools, Wraps, and Emotes

No set of leaked cosmetics is complete without Harvesting Tools, and Epic have a wide variety in this update.

The Hulk Smashers are included as well, along with some awesome double swords for the Shadow team, a Lapis Trident, and a set of pom poms you can shake before you smash up some trees.

Break down buildings in style with these new Harvesting Tools. Credit: Lucas7yoshi

There’s also some new emotes, including ‘Raise the Cup’, which plays the classic song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone,’ likely as a homage to Liverpool FC’s Premier League triumph, alongside some new weapon wraps to keep your guns looking fresh.

A look at the new emotes and weapon wraps in the August 5 update. Credit: Lucas7yoshi

Of course, there’s no guarantee that leaked cosmetics will ever make it to the game, but it’s extremely likely we’ll see these added to the Item Shop in the next few weeks.

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Fortnite Item Shop leak reveals Aquaman Villain



New leaks hint at Aquaman villain Black Manta coming to Fortnite’s Item Shop in Season 3.

Epic Games has introduced many new changes following the release of Fortnite’s long-awaited Season 3, with new weapons, a flooded map and even Aquaman being added as a character in the popular battle royale.

However, it seems as if there are even more characters from the DC universe on the way, after new leaked game files were found. According to Hypex, Aquaman’s Villain Black Manta will also be added to Fortnite in Season 3.

Unlike Aquaman’s skin, which will be available through the battle pass challenges, Hypex revealed that Black Manta’s skin and the ‘Black Manta Blades’ pickaxe will be added to the Item Shop.

The DC Villain is expected to arrive in Fortnite’s Item Shop on Thursday, June 16 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM BST/ 5 PM CEST.

While an early look at the new skin and blades has not yet been revealed, it will likely look quite similar to how the character was portrayed in the Aquaman movie.

With the upcoming release of this new character and rumors swirling about a potential Atlantis point-of-interest being added in Season 3, it is possible that Black Manta could play a role in some of the upcoming changes leading into the next season.

The Atlantis location is expected to arrive once the water level has decreased enough, and the final stage of the map has already been revealed by leakers.

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Leaked Fortnite v13.20 update skins and cosmetic items

Fortnite’s first update after Season 3’s launch is here, and there’s plenty of new skins, pickaxes, gliders, and more to pick up in v13.20.



Cozy and Comfy Chomper skins in Fortnite Patch v13.20

Fortnite’s latest update, v13.20, is adding a host of new cosmetics into the mega-popular battle royale, including dozens of new skins, pickaxes, gliders, and more.

Fortnite’s first update after the Season 3 release has dropped. Yes, the v13.20 name might be confusing, but we promise you didn’t miss a patch. 

The new update is set to add the Flare Gun to the game finally, as well as see the water levels currently flooding the map recede. Outside of the game mechanics though, new skins are also on their way.

While it won’t be the same 200+ cosmetic haul as the big Season 3 reveal, there’s still dozens of new cosmetics that’ll be making their way to the Item Shop soon, so let’s take a look at them.

Darkheart skin in Heartbreak set headlines v13.20 patch

While there are 12 new skins players will be able to buy after v13.20 goes live, one of them really stands out from the bunch ⁠— Darkheart. 

Part of the Team Heartbreak set, players will be able to pick up the skin, the Heartless Wings backbling, and the Bewitching Blades pickaxes in the in-game shop. When, however, remains a mystery. You can take a look at the leaked cosmetics courtesy of Lucas7yoshi.

In saying that though, there are still some pretty interesting skins being added as part of the update. Dad Bod Jonesy, the Cozy and Comfy Chomps, and the Lada ⁠— affectionately named after Enchiladas — are our pick of the bunch.

FNCS emotes and sprays make an appearance

The first sign of the next FNCS season has arrived in the Fortnite client. In the v13.20 update, blue FNCS sprays and emoticons have been added to commemorate Chapter 2 Season 3 starting soon.

There’s no set date for when FNCS will make its return, so competitive players looking to satisfy their itch will have to wait some time yet. However, when these emotes make their way into the game, it usually means the start is just around the corner.

Outside of these two headliners, there’s still lots to get excited about. 13 new pickaxes, two new gliders, backblings for all the new skins, six weapon wraps, and even a new music pack has been added.

While most of them come in at Green or Blue rarity, there’s plenty of choices for players to potentially pick up with any spare V-Bucks they have laying around.

As always, more cosmetics could be found as dataminers dig deeper into the Fortnite v12.30 update. We will keep you posted if anything else arises from the patch.

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