Epic Games has unvaulted the Cupid’s Crossbow weapon for a limited time in Fortnite for the v7.40 Share The Love event. Check out the statistics for it below!

Cupid’s Crossbow returns for a limited time after being vaulted in Fortnite after Valentines Day 2018. This is one of Fortnite’s first limited time weapons, perhaps this will become a reoccurring idea?

Many players feel that Cupid’s Crossbow or more of a gimmick than a viable weapon, while a select few have proven otherwise. What are your thoughts?

Cupid’s Crossbow (Legendary Weapon)

Cupid’s Crossbow will be unvaulted for a limited time. Eliminate your opponents with stealth and precision.

The raw statistics of Cupid’s Crossbow are as follows…

  • Damage: 105
  • Fire Rate: 0.33
  • Magazine Size: 1
  • Range: 250,000
  • Reload Time: 4.5s
  • Ammo Type: Crossbow Bolts
  • Ammo Cost: 1
  • Impact: 378
  • Point Blank Damage: 105
  • Max Range Damage: 105
  • Mid Range Damage: 105
  • Long Range Damage: 105
  • Point Blank Range: 250,000
  • Max Range: 250,000
  • Mid Range: 250,000
  • Long Range: 250,000
  • Base Spread; 0.15
  • Aim Down Sights Spread: 0x
  • Standing Still Spread: 0.4x
  • Point Blank Impact Damage: 378
  • Mid Range Impact Damage: 378
  • Long Range Impact Damage: 378
  • Max Range Impact Damage: 378
  • Point Blank Environmental Damage: 105
  • Max Range Environmental Damage: 105
  • Mid Range Environmental Damage: 105
  • Long Range Environmental Damage: 105

Statistically speaking, Cupid’s Crossbow does seem to be a rather gimmicky item which is only meant for fun and celebration rather than viability in a competitive environment.

Many players feel that Cupid’s Crossbow has sentimental value due to being debuted so early in the game’s life.

In honor of the Cupid’s Crossbow’s return, I’m posting this shot I hit more than a year ago. from r/FortNiteBR

What are your thoughts on this limited time weapon?

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