Several top Fortnite leakers have been suspended on Twitter after a troll group filed numerous reports under the platform’s Counterfeit Goods Policy and Danial ‘Keemstar’ Keem has swooped in to help.

The Fortnite community thrives on the information that leakers are able to uncover through in-game files like cosmetics, new weapons, POI updates, and more.

Fortnite leakers typically post new information on their Twitter accounts by posting pictures of the in-game files or creating their own graphics.

On September 5, a group of individuals targeted over ten different Fortnite leakers by claiming they were breaking Twitter’s Counterfeit Goods Policy.

TJCobain, a Fortnite news and giveaway account, was suspended on September 5 and posted a video asking for the community’s help.

Soon after his video was posted, other leakers like HYPEX posted that they were also suspended. According to their Twitter post, his accuser claimed that he was not awarded for winning a Twitter giveaway.

HYPEX’s account was reinstated back to normal within a few hours, and it became clear that Keemstar was helping the community.

On September 6, he made a tweet saying that he was trying to help but would only offer assistance to people he actually knew.

A few days later on September 8, Keem made another Tweet stating that the majority of suspended users would have access to their accounts on Monday while some accounts did apparently break the rules and would stay suspended.

It is unclear what Twitter accounts will have their suspension lifted. Some leakers who are currently suspended as of writing are ItsPowerz, Shiina, and Yogev.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new developments from this story.