A group of renowned Fortnite data miners have all agreed not to leak any of the Star Wars event happening on Saturday, December 14, after Epic made the request.

Leaking is rampant in Fortnite, with data miners able to access the assets in the game files on PC, giving fans early looks at unreleased content.

In the past, most of Epic Games’ “in-game live events” for Fortnite have been leaked ahead of time, sometimes even with video footage.

Epic, unsurprisingly, have had an up and down relationship with the leaking community. On one hand, these leaks can spoil big reveals and lots of the developer’s hard work, but on the other hand, leaks and rumors create hype and excitement among the community.

Clearly, the developers are trying their best to achieve a balance, and have struck up communication with the leakers in an attempt to leverage their influence, but also retain some control over their work.

With the Star Wars event set to reveal an exclusive scene from the movie, which releases on December 19, there is even more imperative to block spoilers.

In a message sent to leakers, Epic Games also informed them that Disney/Lucas Film may be willing to take legal action.

In response, many of the best-known leakers in the community have confirmed that they will refrain from posting any details about the event early.

So far, all we know is that a scene from the upcoming Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker movie will be played in Risky Reels at 2 pm EST – for full details of the event and how to watch, check out our event hub.

There have already been some leaks about the Star Wars collaboration, but as far as the event itself is concerned, it looks like we’ll just have to be patient.