Dusty Divot has transformed into an excavation site full of equipment, and thanks to Fortnite leakers, we now have an idea what lies underneath.

The Dusty location in Fortnite has undergone several changes since the original design of Dusty Depot back in Season 1.

Dusty Depot began as a simple location with different metal warehouses that had a few chest spawns, which was a great beginning landing spot.

Dusty has gone through several events, including the infamous crater crash from Season 4.

During Week 5 of Season 8, trailer trucks began to arrive at Dusty Divot pointing towards another renovation.

Later during Week 5, the trucks began construction by digging into the middle crater.

Players are able to interact with the rocks by dealing damage, decreasing their overall health, which started at 1,000,000,000 hp.

This situation is similar to the Iceberg on the island south of Happy Hamlet during Season 7.

Players can deal damage with their pickaxes for 50 damage, but all players around the world can beat down the rocks.

Thanks to @FNBRHQ, they were able to provide pictures of what Dusty Divot will look like once construction is complete.

Once players are able to clear out all of the rocks at Dusty Divot, a surprise will be laying at the bottom of the large hole.

The construction project will soon reveal a large anchor, with several chest spawns surrounding the area.

Some players believe that the anchor will reveal more information based around Season 8’s story line, which is centered around Pirates.

Season 8 has been slow in terms of story line development, but hopefully, this new discovery points towards some progression.

Do you think Epic Games will have another in-game event to celebrate the end of Season 8?

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