A leaked Fortnite weapon has been found in the game files in time for the holidays.

The Fortnite v11.30 update has to be the biggest update in Chapter 2 Season 1. We have some map changes, a new POI, and returning weapons and items that fit the holiday theme.

We’ve also seen a long list of leaked cosmetics come with this update, including news of an Annual Pass that Epic is planning to release for the new year.

It isn’t only cosmetics that we saw leaked after the update. We also saw some news of a new weapon coming to the game. It’s unclear if this is a BR or ‘Save the World’ weapon, but its place in the game files suggests it’s a BR gun.

The only indication that points to this being an ‘STW’ gun is the damage. According to this leak, the gun will do 84 and 92 damage to players with 30 rounds in a clip.

This gun will reportedly shoot snowballs, which means we could be seeing a projectile-launcher as well. There are a lot of theories surrounding this one.

Data miner iFireMonkey also found a ‘Shark Attack’ weapon that he included with the Blizzard Blitzer – the former of which is sure to be a ‘Save the World’ exclusive with a damage stat of 878.

via: @iFireMonkey

iFireMonkey also found a new ammo type that is sure to be in Battle Royale: Petrol. We have no idea what gun this is related to, but it could end up powering a new vehicle.

More likely, the gas can is somehow related to the Star Wars crossover. Most of the Star Wars files are encrypted, so it’s difficult to tell what to expect.

There is a chance that the Blizzard Blitzer is a slow-firing weapon – similar to the old Infantry Rifle. Still, 84 and 92 damage seems a bit steep for any weapon in Fortnite. We’ll have to wait and see.

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