New reliable information suggests that Tilted Towers could be destroyed in the popular Battle Royale.

The Twitter account @FNLeak posted the data-mined information showing a code that clearly says, “/ClientPilotScenarios/DestroyTiltedTowers”.

By looking at the entire data-mined code the main theory seems to be that robots will attack the popular location with a Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, LMG, and a Hand Cannon.

The robots that could attack Tilted Towers look to have infinite ammo and could be immortal. The code suggests that the robots have commands to destroy walls and structures.

This isn’t the first time that Tilted Towers has come under rumors of destruction. People thought that a giant meteor falling from the sky was going to destroy Tilted Towers at the start of Season 4.

The meteor instead crushed Dusty Depot and transformed it into Dusty Divot. There was also the infamous rocket launch, where people also thought Tilted could be destroyed once again.

Instead, the rocket caused the rift in the sky which came into play during Season 5.

The robots could be similar to the A.I.M. skin which can be unlocked by completing seven of ten Hunting Party Challenges in the Season 6 Battle Pass.

A week 8 loading screen and a small map change suggest that the A.I.M. robot has arrived at Flush Factory via a parachute.

To find out if Tlted Towers will really be destroyed we will probably have to wait until Season 7, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Tilted Towers was added to Fortnite Battle Royale during Season 2 and has been the most popular drop spots for players leading to high elimination games.

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