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Fortnite leak showcases ‘Western Shotgun’ & upcoming Exotic weapons

Fortnite data miners have leaked a new shotgun and seven new Exotic weapons that should be coming soon.



The Fortnite community always hates it when Epic remove the Pump, but it’s usually to make way for a new shotgun. A new Fortnite leak verifies this theory.

Fortnite Season 5 is less than a week old, but fans are already looking towards the first patch of the new season.

As almost all Fortnite players know, Epic removed the Pump in the latest Fortnite season. This is one of the only negatives in a significantly positive season, but we might be closer to getting a Pump replacement than you think.

Western Shotgun

If you look closely at the Season 5 Battle Pass trailer, you’ll see all of the characters carrying some Season 5 weapons. You have the Dragon Shotgun, Exotic Pistol, Tac AR, and Heavy AR.

However, if you take a look at Mancake, you’ll notice that he’s carrying a never-before-seen weapon in his hands.

Data miner FortTory thinks he’s cracked the code on what this weapon could be. According to the game files, there’s a “Shotgun_Western_Athena'” coming to the game. Could this be a reliable replacement for the Pump in Season 5?

New Exotics

FortTory also found mention of seven new Exotic guns in the game files. If you don’t already know, Epic introduced Exotics to Fortnite for the first time in Season 5.

Unlike Mythics, more than one player can acquire an Exotic weapon in a match. You need to purchase them with your Gold Bars from dedicated NPCs around the island.

It makes sense that Epic isn’t stopping with the first patch of the season. We might not see all of these weapons, but there’s a good chance that a handful of them will eventually come to the game.

As always, just because something is in the game files doesn’t mean that Epic will release it. We’ve yet to see things like the Dual-Wield Machine Pistols and Fire Extinguishers that were leaked last season.

Still, especially in the case of the Western Shotgun, it’s safe to assume that at least a couple of these will come to Fortnite when they’re ready. We’ll keep you posted when the next patch is announced.


Fortnite leak reveals weapon mods coming to the game

Fortnite leaks have revealed a new mechanic coming to the game: weapon mods. Here’s how they’ll work and when you can expect them.



A Fortnite leak has revealed a new mechanic coming soon to the game: weapon mods.

Fortnite weapons have always been the cornerstone of the game. Building and editing might be the most important mechanics, but weapons have always dictated the meta of Fortnite and determined the most effective playstyles.

We’ve seen a ton of unique weapons come and go from Fortnite. Recently, Epic have shaken-up the shotgun meta by removing the Pump in favor of the Charge and new Dragon’s Breath and Lever-Action shotguns.

Epic aren’t stopping there, either. Data miner, Hypex, announced that weapon mods will be coming to Fortnite in the future.

It seems like certain weapons will have specific mods that will boost their effectiveness. If we had to guess, these mods would only work on high-rarity guns like the Scar and Gold Heavy ARs. Of course, this is only speculation.

The mod slot system may sound familiar to fans of Apex Legends. The way these mods are being described, they sound an awful lot like the mod slots in this popular BR.

This tweet isn’t confirmation that mods will be coming to the game in Season 5 – only that Epic are working on them. If you remember, we heard the news of NPCs in Fortnite long before Season 5, so mods could very well be a Season 6 mechanic we’re seeing early.

Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass

Mods would help to spice-up the loot pool and could even bring some new strategies to the game. We could see some under-used weapons like the Dragon’s Breath shotgun receive a massive buff with certain mods, such as one that increases the clip size.

This is already the case in Apex Legends, where weapons like the Prowler go from D to S-tier when you equip the accompanying weapon mod.

We’ll have to wait and see what becomes of weapon mods, but we’re not expecting to see them anytime soon. Season 5 has a lot going on, so it would make more sense for Epic to wait until Season 6 to bring this new mechanic to Fortnite. Only time will tell.

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Teaser has Fortnite X Tomb Raider as the next bounty hunter crossover

Rumors have it that Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise will be the next Fortnite crossover to enter the game as a bounty hunter.



Epic Games is set to add another bounty hunter to their Fortnite roster. Once again, they’re bringing another gaming icon to Fortnite in Lara Croft.

Fortnite Season 5 is all about crossovers and bounty hunters. We have Mando, Master Chief, Kratos, and are expecting to see Predator hit the island any day now.

With another month + left in the Fortnite season, fans are wondering what other entertainment crossovers Epic have in store for us. According to a recent leak from data miner, Mang0e, the crossover “Typhoon” skin will be female.

That’s all we knew for sure, but it tells us a bit more when combined with some particular teasers.

This leak didn’t mean much on its own, but Fortnite fans took special note when the official Tomb Raider Twitter account released a cryptic message.

The message showed a thought bubble of emojis: a pickaxe, a woman running, and a bow and arrow. This, again, doesn’t mean too much in an isolated instance, but Fortnite players quickly put two and two together.

Of course, this tweet doesn’t mean that Lara Croft will 100% be the next bounty hunter skin, but it’s a good bet. She fits the theme, would be a part of the Gaming Legends, series, and would make a great Fortnite skin.

Only time will tell. We’ll keep you posted when we learn more about Lara Croft or whoever the next Fortnite bounty hunter will be.

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Fortnite leak reveals 2 new Kevin-themed skins coming soon

Kevin the Cube could be returning to Fortnite, this time in the form of a skin, leaked by data miners in the v15.20 update.



According to Fortnite leaks, Epic are working on two skins that bring Kevin the Cube to life

Before the most recent Fortnitemares event, data miners found a file that related to an upcoming skin. This skin was called “Fancy Kevin,” and had players excited for what was to come. Some even suggested that the skin would be free for the event.

Well, Fortnitemares came and went with no new Kevin skin. After that, most people forgot about Fancy Kevin.

That was until the v15.20 update, where the previously-leaked Kevin skin got an update. Along with that was a new Kevin-themed skin that we hadn’t seen mentioned before.

The initial leak came alongside a leaked jetpack, which we assumed had something to do with Tony Stark. It wasn’t until Season 5 released that we learned that this was actually The Mandalorian’s Jetpack.

It seems like Fancy Kevin and his new partner will follow a similar path – leaked a whole season before their eventual release. There’s even a chance that these skins will be the Season 5 secret skin, although that’s a long-shot.

We’ll have to wait and see what becomes of Fancy Kevin, but it’s good to know that Epic haven’t forgotten about him.

It’s safe to assume that Fancy Kevin and his leaked counterpart will enter Season 5 at some point. As always, we’ll keep you posted when we learn more.

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