Season X is all about timelines colliding into a single present reality and a new leak has revealed that Greasy Grove and others will return.

Each Fortnite season has its fair share of leaks as Epic works on content drops. It helps build hype for releases, but Epic has cut down on the amount of leaks in the past few months.

With that said, a new leak for Season X has revealed old POIs that will be returning later. Many players were disappointed by the lack of map changes in patch v10.0, but the broad picture is coming into view now as Epic slowly unveils their plans.

Returning POIs leaked via Fortnite patch files

Tilted Town – Store

Tilted Town arrived in Fortnite on August 6 and introduced the first no-build zone in the game’s history. It’s the first of the Rift Zones which will change named locations all over the map. We suspect the rest of these events will be centered around the return of old locations.

Data-miners @Hypex & @xkleinmikex scoured the files for evidence of these old locations. Luckily, the duo hit gold and came upon multiple files revealing information about these POIs.

Greasy Grove

Never forget what the Ice King did!

The first of the locations is the fan-favorite of Greasy Grove. The small town was located to the south-west of Tilted and made for an excellent landing spot. The original Durr Burger was situated here.

Greasy Grove leak – via @Hypex

The location has now been frozen inside a lake below Polar Peak for several seasons. A return of Greasy would mean radical changes to the region including the possible push-back of the snow surrounding the area.

Anarchy Acres

Introduce a little Anarchy and everything becomes chaos

Anarchy Acres is a really old location from the ‘OG’ days of Fortnite. It was considered by many to be a worse version of Fatal Fields due to less loot, but it’s gotten a cult following nonetheless. It’ll be interesting to see how Epic intends to solve the problems the location had the first time around.

Anarchy Acres leak – via @Hypex

Perhaps we could see Lazy Links (another location situated in the same spot) return alongside the farm & barn. A mix and match of these two could provide enough materials, buildings, and loot for a worthy landing spot.

Moisty Mire

Will the movie set of Moisty return? – IMG: @ShiinaBR

We already got a small tidbit about the return of Moisty Mire in another leak. In that post, the location wasn’t called Moisty Mire, but rather took on the moniker of ‘Moisty Palms’.

Moisty Mire leak – via @Hypex

The leaks suggest that locations will be mash-ups of two locations if a current location already occupies that spot. We’ll be able to confirm this theory once leaks come out about the new names for the above locations.

Risky Reels

Risky Reels sign returned in Season X

Risky Reels was removed to make room for the massive Volcano in Season 8, but we’ve not seen the last of it yet. In fact, we already saw the Risky Reels sign return to the game in Season X as pictured above.

Risky Reels leak – via @Hypex

Hypex’s leak helps to confirm that the location will indeed come back at some point. We’d take a nice wager and say that Lazy Lagoon will play a part. Maybe we’ll see Lazy Reels or Risky Lagoon in the not-too-distant future. Keep in mind that these locations aren’t exactly on top of each other in the grand scheme of things.

Flush Factory

Maybe we can flush the BRUTE down a toilet?

Flush Factory has been gone since Season 7 due to the Ice King’s approach on the island. The small named location was situated at the very south-western tip and contained three buildings with moderate loot. While it wasn’t immensely popular, it made for great starts to slower games.

Flush Factory leak – via @xkleinmikex

All of these leaks were found with the ‘spray car or truck’ Battle Pass missions, but these are probably placeholders for a variety of challenges. We’ve seen similar things in the past with leaked missions and challenges.

Which of these returning POIs are you most excited about? The real mystery is how long these locations will remain on the map before they are sucked back into the Rifts.

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