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Fortnite leak reveals future stages of Doomsday Device

Here’s how the Doomsday Device will look in the coming days or weeks, heading into Fortnite Season 3.



The Doomsday Device looks to be the final piece of the Fortnite Season 2 puzzle. We’ve only seen a few in-game hints to the existence of the device, but fans are hoping that all of it will lead to an in-game event.

Recently, we saw another stage of the Doomsday Device construction come to the game in the way of a single cable in the Battle Pass tab. It’s nothing huge, but it’s something.

Fortnite data miners went deeper, however, giving us a glimpse of how things will look a few days or weeks into the future. As you can see in this video from Hypex, the cables are extending into the lobby. When you enter Midas’ hideout, you’ll see the origin of the cables is, indeed, the device.

Hypex and fellow data miner Kleinmike took a deeper look at the device. They peeked behind the Battle Pass screen and into the room that houses the giant orb. You can see the cables pulsing as a light shines down on the rumored Doomsday Device.

We have yet to see the Doomsday Device be called by that name outside of the leaks. Like a lot of things in Fortnite, the community has put the cart before the horse with the help of the data miners.

It remains to be seen how impactful this device will be. We’re all hoping for an in-game event at The Agency. Let’s hope that we’re not disappointed.


More leaked details about Fortnite HighTower event: “Coming very soon”

The Fortnite Season 3 event, HighTower, could be ramping-up very soon.



According to reports from the Fortnite data mining community, the most recent update – v13.40 – is the last update of Season 3. This means that Season 3 is on track to be the first season in Chapter 2 to end on schedule. Even if it’s extended by a week, it will be far shorter than either of the previous two seasons.

Data miners found some event files in the most recent patch, pointing to a season-ending event that’s set to get underway sooner rather than later. The first batch of leaks were largely comprised of strings of code. We learned that the event has the code name “HighTower” and that craters will begin to appear around the map. You can take a look at our initial recap here.

Since then, data miners have been looking closely at these files. There looks to be a rift that will begin to develop in the sky and grow over time – similar to what we saw with the first rift in Chapter 1.

The rift will appear either over The Agency or Mount Kay and should enter the game “very soon,” according to Hypex.

Epic have been a fan of hiding some clues in spectrograms since the beginning of the Fortnite storyline. We’ve seen several images come out of spectrograms dating back to Chapter 1 Season 4.

The sound of this rift creates an image in a spectrogram as well. All that’s visible is a shadowy figure, who will undoubtedly reveal himself by the end of the season – or at the beginning of the next season.

According to Hypex, we should also begin to see the runes appear around The Agency relatively soon. We could also see a crater appear near Salty Springs, a “crack in the sky” over Risky Reels, and a new HighTower POI to the south of The Agency.

Since this is the final patch of Season 3, this might be all of the information we learn before the runes, cracks, POIs, and rifts start to appear in-game. After that, we’ll probably need to wait for the season-ending event.

As far as what the event will bring – your guess is as good as ours. No one predicted that we’d be ascending to another plane of existence at the end of Season 2, so we’re not even going to speculate about where Season 3 will bring us. Send us your best theories on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.

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Event watch: Fortnite “Hightower” event files leaked

Fortnite leaks point to an upcoming event – code name “Hightower.”



With the v13.40 update bringing cars to Fortnite, we’re officially in the back-half of Season 3. This means that it’s time to start speculating about the assumed season-ending event. The Device event changed everything we thought about Fortnite, so what will the next event tell us?

For the first time in the new season, data miners found some files that relate to an upcoming event. The event has the code name “Hightower.” So far, pretty much all we know is that the event will lead to these strange markings on the ground.

Data miner, FortTory, got a closer look at how the markings – potentially craters – will look when they come to Fortnite. These bear a slight resemblance to the runes left behind by Kevin as he traversed the Chapter 1 map.

FireMonkey also included some of the sound files for the event. Like the device event, it’s hard to gauge how these sounds will relate to in-game happenings. They’re cool to hear, nonetheless.

We’re guessing that most of these sounds will occur when players get near the craters or runes – but this is only speculation.

These “Hightower” files have all the makings of a progressive event. We may start to see the markings pop up across the map over the course of the next few weeks. They may all lead to an in-game event at the end of the season, similar to many other events we’ve seen in the past.

The Fortnite plotline has only grown more complex in Season 2. The most popular theory is that we’re stuck inside of a simulation. Midas knew about it and somehow broke through for a few seconds – only to be munched by a shark when the season shifted.

We’ll undoubtedly learn more about this event as more updates release and Epic add more files to the game. Until then, your guess as to the meaning of all of this is as good as ours.

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Fortnite players declare war on No Sweat Insurance for delaying cars

Join us in storming No Sweat Insurance this weekend.



When Fortnite v13.30 released, fans were disappointed to learn that the rumors were false: cars weren’t coming to the game on July 21. In fact, Epic seemed to take a step backward by removing all of the road-worthy cars from the map under the guise of getting them insured.

This delay likely meant that there was an issue with the cars. It wasn’t until July 23 when Epic released a statement from No Sweat Insurance – the in-game insurance company that’s been behind some of the floating towns in Season 3.

The gist of the post was that we’re going to have to wait a few weeks before cars enter the game. With such little content coming to Fortnite for the bulk of Chapter 2, this news irritated many Fortnite players.

Players are taking matters into their own hands within the Fortnite island. Fed up with the delays, they’re taking their in-game frustration out on the only in-game entity they can: No Sweat Insurance.

As many of you know, No Sweat Insurance has its headquarters in Lazy Lake. In an effort to retaliate against the company for delaying cars, players are planning a coordinated effort to destroy this building on the weekend of July 24.

The efforts are relatively uncoordinated, but the goal is the same: Make No Sweat Insurance pay for their transgressions. We’ve seen several posts to the r/FortniteBR subreddit that call players to action, as well as a “Storm No Sweat Insurance” Facebook group that references the “Storm Area 51” meme from a couple of years ago. The group even has the same mantra: “They can’t stop us all.”

The above post has received nearly 1,000 upvotes at the time of writing, calling for players to destroy the building at 12am UTC. That’s 8pm EST, tonight, for those on the east coast of America. The timing doesn’t need to be exact – as long as the building goes down, you did your part.

It would be awesome to see the community come together for a goal like this one – no matter how inconsequential it may be. If it picks up enough steam and Epic see how many times we destroy it, they’re likely to respond in some way.

While you’re playing Fortnite this weekend, do your part. We’ll be retweeting all of the images we see of a destroyed No Sweat Insurance buildings we see, so tweet them to us @FortniteINTEL.

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