Fortnite gets new weapons added on a regular basis and the latest leaks point towards the Drum Shotgun as the next addition. New video footage of the weapon has now surfaced.

Epic Games is never afraid to experiment with new weapons in Fortnite. The most recent addition was the Proximity Grenade Launcher, which received an overall negative reaction due to balance issues.

The next move for the game dev giant seems to be a possible fix for the Shotgun meta. Tactical Shotguns are far outperformed by the Combat Shotguns, so the Drum Shotgun could serve as a smart replacement.

New Drum Shotgun Footage Leaked

Earlier in the week, we had a first look at the ‘Drum Shotgun. The initial reactions were naturally skeptical, but further inspections and details might change minds.

The Combat Shotgun might be one the most controversial mix-ups of the meta, but balancing has gotten its power into check. However, the Tactical Shotgun still drags far behind even with the small damage buffs.

Now, we’ve got some in-game footage of the new Drum Shotgun courtesy of @KrispyLeaks.

As stated by Kripsy, the sounds and animations of the shotgun are not accurate. The shotgun was imported into the game by swapping meshes. This means that the shotgun retains the stats, sounds, and behaviors of the original shotgun.

While this means that you can’t draw too many conclusions from this, you can get the general idea for how the weapon will look in your hands. We’ll report on stats and official features once that information is leaked or released.

What do you expect from this bad boy?

The general idea of the Drum Shotgun seems to replace the Tacitical Shotgun. The shooting speed in the leak is not accurate to its real performance, but a semi-auto drum mag shotgun would inherently overpower the Tac.

At initial impression, the weapon looks good in the player’s hands and we’re excited to see if Epic can bring a balanced end product. The Tactical Shotgun may be a long time heirloom of Fortnite, but its time in the light has probably passed.

What do you think of the upcoming Drum Shotgun based on this information and video footage? One thing is for sure, we’ll miss the classic Tactical Shotgun when it’s gone.

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