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Fortnite leak reveals dinosaurs headed to Season 6

A new Fortnite Season 6 leak suggests that Raptors and other dinosaurs will be added to the Fortnite wildlife.



Fortnite season 6 tame a raptor

Fortnite Season 6 is only a day old, but data miners have already found a major leak about a new type of wildlife coming to the island: Dinosaurs.

Fortnite is no stranger to fan speculation about eggs in the game. This first happened way back in Chapter 1, when The Prisoner thawed and moved to the volcano. Back then, fans saw eggs and speculated that dragons would come to the Fortnite island.

In the next season, we learned that these eggs were nothing more than a predecessor to a Battle Pass skin. When Season 6 released, fans noticed some eggs scattered around the island as well. This time, the speculation may be onto something.

Dinosaurs in Fortnite?

The Season 5 location, Stealthy Stronghold, was fuel for fan speculation over the secret skin for the Battle Pass. Before we got any official teasers, fans were split as to whether this location pointed to a crossover with Jurassic Park or Predator. Obviously, we know what direction it went.

That doesn’t mean that a Jurassic Park crossover isn’t on the table, however. Fans speculated that Lara Croft was coming to Season 5, and we now have her in the Season 6 Battle Pass.

According to data miner, FortTory, we may see raptors enter Fortnite Season 6. New elimination lines suggest that Raptors will attack players who get too close to them.

Season 6 would be a perfect time to add dinosaurs to Fortnite. The new season introduced wildlife that you can hunt, tame, or otherwise interact with. Raptors – or other dinosaurs – would fit like a glove.

We could also see Stealthy Stronghold transformed into a Jurassic Park crossover, which many fans expected to see in Season 5. With the wildlife, however, Season 6 makes a lot more sense for this type of POI.

Of course, these are only leaks and we need to take them with a grain of salt. We’ll keep you posted when we learn more

Image Credit: Epic Games


Fortnite leak reveals upcoming crafting formulas

A new Fortnite leak reveals upcoming or scrapped crafting formulas we could see in the game as updates for Season 6 roll out.



Fortnite v16.10 update

Fortnite Season 6 brought crafting to the game, but it won’t stop with the original formulas. As expected, Epic have plans for future crafting items.

Epic Games have been making huge steps in the Fortnite world with their recent seasons. Season 5 introduced NPCs and quests to the game, and now Season 6 has brought crafting to Fortnite.

We have a handful of simple, easy-to-understand crafting formulas to start. Nobody expects the crafting system to end here, however. New leaks reinforce that idea, with some future crafting formulas revealed.

Fortnite Season 6 unstable bow

Leaked crafting formulas

Fortnite data miner, Hypex, recently revealed some crafting formulas that he found in the game files. As he said in a tweet, these could be scrapped concepts that Epic abandoned or future craftable items that will come to the game in the future.

We don’t have names for these items, but they’re all variations of the bow. According to these leaks, a Spicy Fish or Pepper combined with a Primal Bow would create a Fire Bow. A Hop Fish and a Mechanical Bow will create a Hop Bow – seemingly similar to the Impulse Bow we have now.

The Hop Bow would be a take-it-or-leave-it concept, in our opinion. The Fire Bow, on the other hand, could cause some serious Havoc in Fortnite – especially in competitive modes. The Stink Bow is already under some scrutiny, and a Fire Bow would only add to the frustration in this department.

Whether or not these items come to the game, we can be sure that Epic will continue to expand the crafting system as Season 6 goes on.

Fans have already thought of some brilliant concepts involving the Tac Shotgun, a Rift-to-Go, Launch Pads, and many other fan-favorite items that could enter the crafting system. Hopefully, many of these ideas are realized in Season 6 and beyond.

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Fortnite leak reveals more Junk Gun & Unstable Bow details

The Fortnite v16.10 update contained two new weapon leaks for Season 6: the Unstable Bow and Junk Gun. Here’s what we know.



Fortnite Season 6 leaked weapons

Two new weapons are coming to Fortnite Season 6: the Junk Gun and the Unstable Bow. Here’s everything we know so far.

The Fortnite v16.10 update is here, bringing Raptors, balance changes, and more to Fortnite for the first time in Season 6.

Two new weapons were also leaked with this update: the Junk Gun and the Unstable Bow. We expect to see both of these weapons enter the game in the next few weeks. Here’s what we know about both of them, so far.

Fortnite Season 6 unstable bow

Junk Gun

Based on the fact that images and stats entered the game for the Junk Gun, we assume that it will be entering Fortnite in the next update, if not before then.

The weapon will take a new kind of ammo, called “Junk.” We don’t know exactly what this will be, but we assume it will have something to do with the Bones and Metal parts we currently use for crafting.

Here are the stats for the upcoming Junk Gun thanks to data miner, Hypex.

  • Ammo: Junk
  • Reload time: 2 seconds
  • Mag size: 3
  • Damage to player: 76/79/83

Unstable Bow

The Unstable Bow, unlike the Junk Gun, is expected to be of Exotic rarity – meaning you’ll only be able to get your hands on it by buying it from an NPC. According to the leaks, Rebirth Raven will be selling players the Unstable Bow.

We don’t have specific stats or images for the Unstable Bow, but we do know a bit about it. According to what data miners found in the game files, the Unstable Bow will cause a “glitch” effect to players who are hit by it. We probably won’t know too much more until the weapon is released.

Again, we expect to see the Junk Gun enter Fortnite before the Unstable Bow. The former could even come before the v16.20 update goes live.

We’ll keep you posted when we learn more about either of these weapons or anything else leaked for Fortnite Season 6. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, @FortniteINTEL, so you never miss out on any of the latest Fortnite news.

Image Credit: Epic Games, Hypex

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Fortnite v161.0 Leaked skins and cosmetics

Fortnite v16.10 is now live. Take a look at all of the leaked skins and cosmetics found in the latest Fortnite update.



Fortnite Season 6 Glyph Raider Loading Screen

The Fortnite v16.10 update is now live, bringing new cosmetics to the game files. Here are all of the leaked skins and cosmetics in this update.

The first patch of Fortnite Season 6 has now hit the servers, bringing players a much-requested Primal Shotgun nerf, the Spring Breakout event, new weapons, and a whole lot more.

Of course, a new patch means new leaked cosmetics for players to explore. Here are all of the leaked skins and other cosmetics found in the v16.10 game files.

Fortnite v161.0 Leaked skins

Leaked bundles

Leaked back bling

Leaked Emotes

Misc. leaks

Image Credit: Epic Games, Hypex, FunGamesLeaks, VastBlastt, iFireMonkey

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