Fortnite leaks have provided additional information and speculation on the upcoming Helicopters.

Most Fortnite players assume that Helicopters will be coming to the game, soon, with all of the information, leaks, and in-game hints. We could even see them as early as tomorrow, with the presumed v12.20 update.


So far, we know that Helicopters will have 1500 HP, will be able to boost, and probably won’t have any weapons.

All of this is positive information for the game. Helicopters will provide a reliable means of air transportation – nothing more.

These Helicopter leaks have come from data miner @spedicey1 on Twitter. Over the weekend, the leaker provided some additional information that may change the way that we think about Helicopters in Fortnite.

According to the files, it appears as though Helicopters will be a solo vehicle. Most fans assumed that they’d be able to sit at least two players – if not a whole squad.

Epic may have made this decision to help limit the versatility of Helicopters in Fortnite. Everyone knows how widely hated the X-4 Stormwing was, and Epic may be trying to avoid a similar situation with the choppers.

The only question is: if they only seat one person, will Helicopters be too weak in squad matches? They will surely be useful in solos, but might not be used if you’ll have to leave your entire team behind.

It remains to be seen whether or not this leak is accurate. We may know more tomorrow, with the presumed v12.20 incoming. Until then, we speculate.

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