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Fortnite leak provides a closer look at the ‘Doomsday Device’

The Doomsday Device is coming. Take a closer look at how it will appear in-game.



The Doomsday Device is coming. Take a closer look at how it will appear in-game.

The Fortnite event leaks are piling up, especially when you consider the official announcement of the Travis Scott Astronomical concert in Sweaty Sands.

With all of this concert talk, some of the original event leaks got lost in the shuffle. Following a patch on March 31, we caught a glimpse of the rumored Doomsday device that will make its way to Fortnite.

This device is reportedly linked to the hatches that surround The Agency. Fans assume that this is the first stage in the construction of the Doomsday Device, similar to what we saw with the Rocket during Season X.

We got a closer glimpse at what the Doomsday Device will look like when it comes to the game. Reddit user u/Jonathan287 posted a few images to the r/FortniteBR subreddit of the new-and-improved device.

Unlike the original images, these pictures show the clear sphere sitting atop the device. The first images were renderings, but this appears to be what we’ll see in-game.

Via: u/Jonathan287

There have also been some rumors of keycards that may unlock the hatches surrounding the agency. It’s unclear if these will provide you with loot or a place to hide, as they are not available just yet.

The Doomsday event is likely weeks away, with Season 2 extended into June. We’ll keep you posted with more details as they become available.


Leaked Rocket League POI coming to Fortnite soon

A Fortnite leak revealed a new Rocket League POI that could be coming to the game any day now.



Epic Games made some waves in the gaming community when they acquired Rocket League developer, Psyonix. They made their mark on the game almost immediately and started positioning Rocket League’s monetization to mirror that of Fortnite.

Part of that game was to make Rocket League free-to-play, which has finally happened after months of anticipation. Naturally, Epic celebrated the move with a Fortnite collaboration – bringing players from two of their biggest games together.

The collaboration includes cosmetic rewards for both Fortnite and Rocket League. You can take a look at how to unlock all of those challenges here and get started right after reading.

According to Fortnite data miners, we’ll also see a Rocket League POI entering Fortnite in the near future. This new building will include some Rocket League posters, trophies, and more. We don’t know where or when it will pop up, but we can expect it to come to Fortnite over the weekend – possibly during the Birthday update.

We thought that this location may already be in Fortnite following the maintenance patch, but looked around and saw nothing new. We’ll keep you posted when it does enter the game, though, as it could be here any day now.

In the meantime, playing Rocket League for the first time is worth a try. It’s one of the most unique and competitive games out there. Better yet, it’s free so there’s nothing to lose.

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Party Royale

Your navigation guide to Fortnite: Party Royal

Find out how to get to the main stage in Party Royale in time for the Fortnite BTS event.



Party Royale is the most recent official game mode that Epic have added to Fortnite. With its addition, it’s clear that Epic are planning for Fortnite to be more than just a Battle Royale game.

Epic executives have discussed turning Fortnite into a social hub rather than just a video game. Creative Mode was a small step in that direction, but Party Royale was a leap. The mode has nothing to do with competition and everything to do with meeting friends, messing around, and having fun.

The initial release of Party Royale was relatively lackluster. There wasn’t too much to do in the mode, and the featured concerts seemed more like a testing ground rather than a blockbuster hit. Coming off of the back of the astonishing Travis Scott “Astronomical” concert, some fans were disappointed to see a much simpler setup in the Party Royale Premier

As time has gone on, however, it’s become clear that Epic are focusing on growing this mode over time. Each Party Royale event seems to grow on the last one, with the upcoming BTS crossover being the biggest Party Royale event to date.

With BTS’ new Choreography Video for “Dynamite” premiering in Party Royale, the game mode is likely to have more attention than ever before. In fact, with BTS’ fanbase being so massive and fanatic, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Fortnite reaching another concurrent player milestone during the event.

A lot of Fortnite players have ignored Party Royale up until this point. Even more, the BTS crossover is likely to attract fans who aren’t even regular Fortnite players. Since this is the case, we thought it would be a good idea to offer a brief navigation guide to the game mode so you know where you’re headed.

First thing’s first, you’ll need to hop into a Battle Royale lobby and navigate to the Party Royale game mode. Once you hit play, you’ll load into the Party Royale island. It’s much smaller than the Battle Royale island, but there are a lot of icons around the map. It can be a bit confusing if you’ve never been in here before.

You’ll spawn on the island in The Plaza. There are races, time trials, and all kinds of other activities scattered around the map. If you’re only here for the BTS show, then you’ll want to head for the Main Stage. You can find this all the way to the east of the map – shown below with a blue marker.

The Big Screen – to the west – is another place where activity is known to happen. For instance, this is where Epic premiered their animated short calling out Apple – but that’s another can of worms.

The main stage is the most important location on the map, by far. You can navigate to the stage by using your map or following the signs.

If you want to change your skin before the event, you can do so without even leaving the game mode. All you need to do is find one of the blue phone booths and hop inside.

There’s always something happening at the Main Stage – even if it’s some classic Fortnite beats as the loading screens cycle on-screen. Hop in and check it out so you’re not late for the event!

The Fortnite BTS event kicks off tonight, September 25 at 8 PM EST (5 PM PST). The second showing will take place tomorrow, September 26 at 8 AM EST – likely a time so that the whole world can enjoy the event.

Hopefully, this guide made everything clearer and got you to the main stage in time for the concert. Enjoy!

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How to make a Stark Robot dance in Fortnite

Find out how to make a Stark Robot dance for your Fortnite Season 4 week 5 challenges.



Fortnite Season 4 Week 5 is here, bringing us some new challenges to complete for the week. XP is flowing this season, but don’t get complacent. Unlocking the Holographic Wolverine style will require you to reach level 220 – a tall order for even the most dedicated Fortnite player.

This week, there are a few challenges that require a bit of existing Fortnite knowledge to complete. One of these is “Make a Stark Robot dance.” Don’t worry, though, this is easy to check off your list once you know what to do.

The first step in this process is finding a Stark Robot. Yes, you can find plenty of them at Stark Industries, but that’s probably not a good place to do this challenge. It’s one of the most populated places on the map and Stark Robots don’t spawn in Team Rumble.

Instead, we suggest heading for one of the Quinjet landing sites on the map. You can usually find one that’s devoid of players, but be careful that the Stark Robots don’t take you out on their own.

The best strategy is to land somewhere near the Quinjet, get a couple of guns, and head to the landing site from there. That way, you’ll be able to defend yourself from those pesky robots.

Now that you’ve found an untouched landing site, all you need to do is down one of the stark robots and hack them. You can do this by going up to them and pressing F on keyboard, Square on PS4, or X on Xbox. We recommend clearing out the other robots before trying to hack one.

Once you’ve hacked a robot and are safe, the final stage is to dance. The robot will dance with you and you’ll complete the challenge. You don’t even have to wait for the robot if you don’t want. The challenge will complete itself as soon as you dance with a hacked robot by your side.

Hacking robots in Fortnite is sneakily an awesome tactic. They fight by your side, distract your opponents, and can sometimes even do enough damage to get a kill or two. Good luck!

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