The Italian iOs Store has leaked a promotional image early for Fortnite Chapter 2, which confirms a new map.

Fortnite Season 11 is only a few days away – with most players assuming the Season-ending event will transition us into the next phase of Fortnite.

From everything we’ve heard from both official and unofficial sources, the Season 10 event is going to be the end: the end of the season, the end of the current plot, and the end of the map we’ve been visiting for two years.

There’s a seasonal tradition when it comes to Fortnite: one platform always seems to jump the gun when it comes to promotional material – whether it’s the Playstation store is leaking the new Battle Pass or the Xbox store showing us a teaser.

This season, it was the Italian Apple store that gave us some early promotional material – and this time the leak is more significant than usual.

The store confirmed that Fortnite is moving on from the first ten seasons. It looks like we’re effectively getting Fortnite 2 within the same game.

More importantly, this leak all but confirms a new map is coming to Fortnite. We see a few default characters standing on top of a mountain that overlooks an area we’ve never seen before.

This brings us to the next piece of information this leak gives us: new default characters. It’s fair to guess that these will be the new outfits for Jonsey and the gang heading into Chapter Two.

Are you pumped for the new map? Let us know your predictions in the comments.

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