Fortnite Battle Royale might be getting a crossover with the upcoming release of IT Chapter Two after red balloons have started to appear around the map.

Fortnite and Epic Games are no stranger to creating mashups with movies, television shows, and other massive industries, with multiple crossover events taking place in the title’s past.

Now, it appears that a Fortnite X IT Chapter Two crossover is all but confirmed after a red balloon can be found coming out of a sidewalk drain in Pleasant Park.

When you break the red balloon, you’ll hear an incredibly sinister laugh from the sewer from none other than Pennywise the Clown himself.

You can hear the laugh for yourself below, courtesy of LootLakeBR.

Although the collaboration with IT Chapter 2 has yet to be confirmed, data miners found the red balloon and Pennywise’s laugh in the game files from the v10.20 update.

It Chapter Two is scheduled to release on Friday, September 6, so that is probably when the official Fortnite crossover would be released as well.

The red balloon is one of the most prominent icons of the It universe and typically ‘announces’ Pennywise’s presence. When you see a red balloon, Pennywise is likely nearby, which could be the perfect teaser for a crossover.

The red balloon found in a sewer drain at Pleasant Park

In regards to content, there are tons of potential options for a Fortnite x IT Chapter Two mashup. Clown skins, gliders, axes, and in-game content could be a great addition, especially with Halloween on the horizon.

At the time of writing, a Fortnite X IT Chapter Two crossover is not confirmed by Epic Games.

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