Fortnite has become a cultural icon, and Epic has been able to monetize that success. Fortnite is the top-earning game of 2019, yet again.

Almost all hardcore gamers get angry with their favorite video game. When you’re part of a community, the loudest voices are often complaints and suggestions that would make the game better. Fortnite is no exception.

When you’re in the midst of these complaints and criticisms, though, it’s sometimes hard to remember how great a game really is. Hate it or love it, Fortnite has become one of the biggest gaming platforms on the planet.

Two years after its initial release, the game is still the top-earning game of 2019 according to SuperData’s industry analysis. It grossed $1.8 billion last year.

That’s a whole lot of V-Bucks

The most astonishing element of this statistic is that the Fortnite revenue was down 25% in 2019. That’s how far ahead it was from the rest of the field in 2018.

As the analysis details, Epic’s secret is in converting players to customers. Fortnite doesn’t need to be the most-played game of the year to earn the most money.

In large part, this success has to do with keeping the game fresh and collaborating with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Fans of The Avengers, Stranger Things, and Star Wars were able to purchase in-game skins to use as they played – something that isn’t available in nearly any other game.

via Epic Games

Fortnite’s unprecedented popularity was bound to start declining, but the game is continuing to grow and reach new audiences. The introduction of skill-based matchmaking allows players to learn the game at their own pace – making the battle royale less intimidating as it was.

We all have a lot of complaints about Fortnite. Anyone who plays any game for years is going to have a few gripes. Fortnite remains one of the best video games on the market, though, and they have the stats to back it up. There’s a reason that we’re all still playing.

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