Epic Games has partnered with PlayVS to bring Fortnite competition to high schools and college.

PlayVS, an LA-based startup, is at the forefront of legitimizing esports at the high school and collegiate levels. They’ve partnered with the developers of Rocket League and League of Legends. Now, Fortnite has been added to their official roster of games.

PlayVS has worked with the NFHS – the governing body of high school athletics – to bring esports to high schools across the nation.

The Epic Games partnership was a massive step for the organization as they continue to legitimize esports from the ground-up. This also marks the first time that PlayVS has entered the collegiate world.

IMG: Fortnite Twitter

The format will be similar to that of the World Cup duo competition. Each week, starting on February 26, players will begin an eight-week trial to become the best team in their conference.

At the end of the eight weeks, the top teams from each region will advance to the finals. Like the FNCS, you’ll have the opportunity to advance by scoring placements and consistent points.

Teams will have until February 17 to register for the competition. Epic is fitting the bill for the normal $64/player cost of entry for the other PlayVS games.

Epic Games

Fortnite has a notoriously young competitive scene. The average age of a player who qualified for the World Cup was just over 16, which is one of – if not the – youngest in gaming.

Most of the players in the World Cup were still in high school, so Epic’s move to the high school and collegiate level makes sense. In the Fortnite world, anyone over 20 is already “washed.”

In a world where organizations seem to be dropping their Fortnite talent, it’s nice to see Epic building a foundation for continued success in the esports community.

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