It seems that Fortnite Battle Royale is much, much more popular on Nintendo Switch than you may have originally thought.

The underdog console of the generation, developed and launched by Nintendo in 2017, is the Nintendo Switch. It has sold over 22.86 million units since its launch, and is growing larger and larger by the month. The console is believed to be one of Nintendo’s best yet – combining aspects of its older systems such as the DS and Wii.

Fortnite recently released on the system for free, and it was announced that players would not have to pay for a subscription to Nintendo’s online system in order to boot up Fortnite and play with their friends across all other consoles and platforms.

Due to the Nintendo Switch’s line between mobile and console gaming, many players might assume that Fortnite isn’t as popular – but after a recent earnings report released by Nintendo, they are further off than they may think.

According to Nintendo, Fortnite Battle Royale has been downloaded on “almost half” of every single Nintendo Switch unit in the world. Considering the total units sold are 22.86 million, we can assume ~11 million people have downloaded Fortnite to their system.

What’s even more astounding is that the game only joined the Nintendo Switch system back in June 2018 – so it has completely overtaken the marketplace of the console in just 4 months.

It’s safe to say that the game is hugely popular on pretty much any platform it is available to play on. People love gaming on the go. So much so that¬†Fortnite Battle Royale Revenue Hit $300 Million in 200 Days on iOS Devices.


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