Fortnite is becoming more than a game. It’s becoming a social network, and the shift is intentional.

Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet. It doesn’t matter if it’s number-one on Twitch or not. Fortnite has transcended gaming to the point where nearly everyone with a TV knows what it is.

Sure, we’ve seen some glaring flaws in the core Fortnite experience, but it’s as close to perfect as a video game can get. It’s competitive and fast-paced when you’re in a fight, but can also be slow and allow for banter, unlike most other games.

Fortnite allows you to truly make friends. You can have a five to seven-minute conversation while you’re running around and farming before a fight. You’ll really get to know your teammates during that time. This feature is why so many streamers have clung onto it and why Fortnite is becoming more than just a video game.

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We’ve seen Fortnite break eSports records, host concerts, and collaborate with some of the biggest film franchises in existence. The game has evolved and adjusted to the point where it’s almost an entirely new experience two years after release.

It’s clear that we’re witnessing something different, here, and this shift is intentional. Tim Sweeney, Epic Games CEO, responded to a question on the topic of Fortnite becoming a platform. He said that Fortnite is a game, but he might not always see it that way.

Sweeney later replied to a Polish journalist who commented on the post, clarifying his definition of a platform. To Sweeney, “Something is a platform when the majority of content people spend time with is created by others.”

This isn’t the case right now. Most people play Battle Royale. Still, the long-term success of Fortnite seems to be in Creative Mode. There are death runs, box fights, Zone Wars, mazes, deathmatches and everything in between. One YouTuber even made a whole video game within Creative Mode.

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We could be seeing the birth of a new video game within Fortnite Creative Mode – similar to how Arma 3 mods birthed DayZ and PUBG. The difference is that Fortnite is a far larger platform.

It’s possible that Fortnite could truly transcend the gaming world and become the first video game-based social network. It has all of the groundwork of a platform – all it needs is a bit more time to grow.

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