Take a look at the Fortnite Intel reader clips of the week and send us your own to be featured in next week’s article!

Here we are, back at it with the second Fortnite Intel reader clips showcase.


We had a relatively low submission rate this week, so send us your clips so we can keep doing this!

All you have to do is send a link to a Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitch clip to [email protected] or DM @JimmyDangus on Twitter. Things are slow, so chances are you’ll make it in. Don’t make me post an article of my sub-par, no-commentary snipes. I’ll do it.

Is this allowed?

Via: Mobile Typical

Things might be different on mobile, but last I checked using a boost pad in a 1v1 isn’t the typical move. It’s a pretty great no-scope, though.

What shadows?

I honestly don’t know how Knightofzero2 saw this guy. The console disadvantage is real – especially with the recent update increasing the fog around the map. This guy disserved the kill, so I’m glad the opponent had less than 100 HP.


Via: Mo Joe S 1 (Xbox)

You miss all of the ‘nades you don’t throw. Luck? Maybe, but you make your own luck in Fortnite.

No boat zone

DO NOT get caught riding a boat in this dude’s game. That’s a quick way to get sent back to the lobby with your tail between your legs. This man even hit the clown emote before shooting the first one.


This chaotic clip sums up the current state of Fortnite. W-key till you die.


Via: @Angeool

There might have been some back-and-forth that warranted the L dance, but without any context, this is just toxic. The other guy must have been RAGING after seeing the L-dance come out after a routine snipe.

Take a look at last week’s clips if you missed them. There were some pretty good ones in there.

And send us your clips! @JimmyDangus on Twitter and [email protected]

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