The Inferno’s Challenge Pack is currently rolling out in Fortnite across all regions on all platforms.

The Inferno’s Challenge Pack features Challenges which will reward players with V-Bucks, a Skin, a Pickaxe, and a Wrap. It is currently rolling out world-wide and is expected to be available at Midnight in your local time.

Thankfully, leakers have uncovered all of the Challenges and their designated rewards, a description for the pack, and a closer look at the cosmetic items which will be unlocked.

via @lucas7yoshi_

Inferno (Style)

  • Complete (1) Daily Challenge – 100 V-Bucks
  • Complete (3) Daily Challenges – 200 V-Bucks
  • Complete (5) Daily Challenges – 300 V-Bucks
  • Complete (7) Daily Challenges – 400 V-Bucks
  • Complete (10) Daily Challenges – Pickaxe
  • Complete (14) Daily Challenges – Wrap

Inferno’s Challenge Pack

Take on Inferno’s challenges and get yourself up to 1,000 V-Bucks, a pickaxe and a wrap!

The Skin Style, Pickaxe, and Wrap rewards are as follows…

Inferno (Legendary Outfit)

Ignite your inner fire.

Unknown (Common Pickaxe)

Burnmark (Uncommon Wrap)

Show your style.

The Inferno’s Challenge Pack will be available for $19.99 USD via the in-game Store in Fortnite. As per usual, it will be available on April 30th at midnight local time.

What are your thoughts on the Challenges and Rewards available via the Inferno’s Challenge Pack? Do you feel that the V-Bucks and cosmetic rewards justify the $20 price tag?

Considering many Fortnite skins can reach this price alone, would you say it is a worthwhile purchase?

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