Imagine a Fortnite game mode where a hoard of zombies is clawing at the last few players battling to survive.

Have you ever played Man-Hunt, maybe when you were younger? Another example would be the Infection game modes in the Halo series.

In these games, one player starts infected and as they eliminate other players or catch them they become infected as well.

Now take this and add it to Fortnite’s Battle Royale. Start off slow with one infected player and by the end of the game you have an entire zombie swarm.

For this game mode to work, there would have to be a way for the humans to win, but also a way for the infected to win.

There needs to be an incentive for people to stay in the game once they become infected. A typical Battle Royale wouldn’t work.

Instead, you would need something like the Getaway LTM, where there is an air pickup. However, I’d like it to be way more difficult to escape.

There would be one getaway vehicle on the map and it would only be made available during the final circles of the game. More than one player would be able to access it.

Humans who reached the getaway vehicle would win the game.

The infected would win if no human players escape and everyone in the lobby became infected.

Human players could also eliminate each other. In the final circles, they would have to make the hard choice of working together against the hoard or betraying everyone to be the sole survivor.

For gameplay, one player would be randomly selected to start as the infected. They could then infect other players by eliminating them.

Any player eliminated throughout the game would also join the infected hoard.

This would mean that getting eliminated doesn’t end your game, you instead become undead and help expand the infection to the entire lobby.

Infected wouldn’t be slow zombies either like you would see on The Walking Dead, instead, they would be quick like the zombies that appear in World War Z.

Imagine a player moving with the Shadow Stones, just without the invisibility part.

The infected wouldn’t have access to weapons or builds, but they would have claws that do plenty of damage.

Respawns for the infected would occur in the storm, meaning that due to whatever corruption is affecting them, they do not take damage from the storm.

Circles would close quickly making for fast lobbies.

The idea is that you can’t defeat the infected hoard, it keeps growing. Your only option is to escape.

Epic Games is constantly adding new LTMs to Fortnite and an Infection type game mode would be a nice addition.

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