The craze surrounding Area 51 has invaded Fortnite with the appearance of a September 21 skin called Zorgoton Outfit.

Memes for the raid on Area 51 have been going strong in the lead up to the September 20 trip to the highly classified United States Air Force facility in Nevada that a lot of enthusiasts planned to take.

Fortnite Season 10 has been on point with the crossovers, celebrating Batman Day and now the Area 51 memes. Credit: Epic Games

While Fortnite players might prefer to drop onto the battle royale’s island rather than Naruto-run up to the base’s front doors, the Epic Games devs have a surprise in store for their community that’ll let them partake in the hysteria, at least through the game.

In a September 21 post, the Fortnite Twitter account revealed a design that shows a new Area 51-inspired character skin complete with a pickaxe that’s out of this world.

The new skin features a green one-eyed alien that players are heavily linking to Monsters, Inc co-star Mike Wazowski. Although the similarities stop there, since this character has three horns on the top of their head instead of Mike’s two.

Furthermore, the Fortnite design gives the alien a white spacesuit with black and green highlights with “51” on the right side of the chest along with a barcode of some kind.

Even though the character has some kind of blaster holstered on his belt, his default pose shows him holding up a hand signal that indicates he’s coming to the Fortnite island in peace.

The pickaxe takes the shape of a flying saucer with its tractor beam shining under it. The word “believe” is depicted on the saucer, with the letters “lie” shown in orange text.

Zorgoton and the Flying Slasher Pickaxe can be found in the Item Shop along with an accompanying emote called Team Space

The skin previously showed up in another leak, but now Fortnite fans have a complete picture of the new items.

Players who pick up all the Fortnite items can dress up for the festivities just in time to celebrate the raid on Area 51.

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