Patch v5.40 went live Thursday morning. After the many new discoveries have been made, dataminers are now taking a look at the Fortnite Event API Endpoint where a “Sphere Spawn” event has been spotted.

Currently, it is unknown what the Sphere Spawn event may entail. Thanks to previous leaks, we know that when the Cube activates a low-gravity zone and leaves a Rune on the ground, this is internally called RuneActivate. It seems the Sphere Spawn is an entirely new event.

The Sphere Spawn event is set for 9AM Eastern Time on September 6th, 2018. Keep in mind, in-game events such as the Tomato Head have been spotted through similar means, but this is not confirmation that the event will happen.

It appears that this event will also happen at 9AM Eastern Time on September 8th, 2018.