MonsterDFace, a streamer who is best known for being one of the voices of Fortnite esports events, has some key suggestions for Arena Mode.

When Arena Mode was introduced it was well received as Fortnite finally making a ranked playlist, something a lot of the community has been after for a while.

The public opinion towards Arena Mode changed with Fortnite’s v8.20 update which made siphon-on-kill go exclusively to the mode.

As a result, streamers felt like they needed to play that mode instead.

They have encountered long queue times and messy end-games leading to barrages of complaints.

Coupled with the changes to the normal game mode, Fortnite streamers have gone as far as playing Uno on stream in a form of not-so-subtle protest.

While the queue times will remain an issue, MonsterDFace proposed some changes that would make Arena Mode more fun by taking out some of the random elements.

“The competitive mode should be structured a certain way,” he said. “In the competitive mode, there could be no vehicles, pre-determined loadouts, 100% chest spawns and players could land with shield.”

That idea is something I have been arguing for since planes were introduced in Season 7.

In fact, I thought the changes in v8.20 – while problematic for the game – were a step in the right direction because it showed Epic would be willing to diverge rulesets for casual and competitive Fortnite.

MonsterDFace proposes that we make the game much more structured from the outset, but doing those changes would also be a betrayal of the Battle Royale format.

However, maybe that is what Fortnite needs. Battle Royale’s in their current form may just not be cut out for esports in general. You could compare it to World of Warcraft.

While WoW is a much bigger game than Fortnite, it’s main mode isn’t an esport. But WoW Arena (sound familiar?) is a true esport.

They take the world of WoW and something that happens in the bigger game and refined it to make it work better for competitive play.

That same thing could happen to Fortnite. Leave the core Battle Royale mode alone, and create a proper competitive Fortnite structure.

That mode could have all the things MonsterDFace is arguing for, and I will add one more: Smaller games.

2v98 is so hard to navigate as an esport. So if you have this new mode, why not bring it down to 8 people, 2v2v2v2. We do a much smaller map that would start at with just Tilted and Loot Lake inside of it.

Instead of big drops, you do series where the duo who has the most points after five of these smaller maps moves on.

I think that lessens the RNG, makes broadcasts more clear and fun to watch, and would prevent the absurdity that competitive Fortnite games have become towards the end.

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