Winter is here! The Fortnite Ice Storm live in-game event took place, bringing the Ice Storm Challenges, the Ice Legion, and a snow-covered map with it.

The Ice King cast a blizzard over the Fortnite map, once again covering the entire map with snow. Lightning strikes also spawn the Ice Legion Brute and Fiend zombies.

The Ice Storm Challenges are also live in-game right now. New Challenges will unlock each day, be sure to check FortniteINTEL for a guide to each Challenge.

Winter is Here

The Ice King has unleashed his power across the Battle Royale map! Dive in and take on the icy tempest.

A new kingdom rises. Prepare for battle – dive in now to take on the Ice Legion and survive the storm!

Missed the Event? No worries, watch the full replay below!

The Ice Storm Challenges are also available, with a new Challenge every day players can work toward the Blue Metallic Uncommon Wrap and Winter’s Thorn Rare Glider.

Ice Storm Challenges

Take on the Ice Legion and complete challenges to earn the Winter’s Thorn Glider.

Upon completing 6 Ice Storm Challenges, players will be rewarded with the Blue Metallic Rare Wrap. Upon completing all 13 Challenges, players will be rewarded with the Winter’s Thorn Rare Glider.

A total of 13 days worth of Challenges will be available over the upcoming days, 2 of which are currently available. The Challenges are as follows…

  • Destroy (250) Ice Fiends – 500XP
  • Deal (5,000) damage with Explosive Weapons to the Ice Legion – 500XP

Thankfully, the Challenges have fully leaked at the time of writing. Check them out: Fortnite Ice Storm event challenges and rewards.