The Ice Storm event is continuing as scheduled and today two new challenges appeared.

The two new challenges are:

  • Deal 2,000 damage to the Ice Legion in a single match
  • Destroy 10 Ice Shards in different matches

There are now eight different challenges relating to the Ice Storm event, not counting the challenge which is just to complete more challenges.

The reward for completing all of the challenges is the Winter Thorn Glider seen below:

The Ice Storm event has drawn a lot of criticism because one challenge has felt nearly impossible to complete.

Among all the Ice Brutes is the occasional golden Ice Brute who spawn more towards the ends of games.

One challenge asks players to take down 20 of these golden brutes but many players have struggled to even find more than a couple.

As they are hard to find, hard to kill, and come in tense final game situations many players feel like this challenge is too difficult and not worth the reward.

Don’t give up just yet. Epic may change the amount needed down to something like five or seven so keep trying to take down the golden brutes.

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