Two more Ice Storm Challenges arrived as the Ice Storm event continues on.

On January 23 at 2 pm EST, two more Ice Storm challenges unlocked for players to complete, which will reward 500 experience each!

The two challenges are:

  • Destroy 100 Elite members of the Ice Legion
  • Deal 10,000 damage with Shotguns or SMGs to the Ice Legion

There are now ten challenges available for Fortnite players to complete, not including the first challenges which tasks players to complete said challenges.

The last two challenges for the Ice Storm event will unlock on January 24 at 2 pm EST.

If players complete all 13 challenges, then they will be rewarded with the rare Winter Thorn Glider, which can be seen below:

One of the challenges has been especially difficult to complete, destroy 20 Golden Ice Brutes, as they tend to spawn towards the end of the game on at a very low spawn rate.

Epic did respond that they changed the RNG rate of the Ice Legion, however, they still tend to only appear a handful of times per game.

Some players feel that the challenge is not worth the reward, especially since there is no LTM available to complete the Ice Storm challenges.

Don’t worry for too long as the Ice Storm event ends tomorrow, which could mean that the Ice Legion could be disappearing.

Have you enjoyed complete the Ice Storm event challenges?

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