One data-driven Fortnite player has revealed the drop rate of fish in Fortnite Ice Boxes. Take a look at your chances of getting a Slurpfish.

Ice Boxes were introduced with the first Winterfest update as the map started to freeze. We saw a reworked Snowman along with some fan-favorite weapons that could stick around past January 7.

The Ice Box has a chance to drop snowmen, Snowball Launchers, fish, and coal. Apart from the Snowball Launchers for easy damage, most players are hunting for fish when they open Ice Boxes.

One player ran the numbers on Ice Boxes and the fish that come with them. @Fadefromthewrld on Twitter opened 100 Ice Boxes and found that over half of them dropped Small Fry fish. This is a no-brainer, but the surprising statistic is that you have a nearly equal chance to grab a Slurpfish or Flopper.

Via: @fadefromthewrld

These numbers weren’t found in the game files, so they probably aren’t exact. Still, it’s helpful to get a rough estimate of the Ice Box loot table.

We’re hoping that this information doesn’t come as too little too late. There is a presumed Fortnite update on January 7, which will remove the Winterfest update and lightsabers from the game. It’s unclear whether or not Ice Boxes will stick around for good.

The Fortnite Ice Boxes were a welcome addition to the game. They’re a fantastic way to gain some free fish, spawning frequently in areas around Dirty Docks and Weeping Woods.

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Unfortunately, the Ice Boxes also hold coal, Snowball Launches, and Snowmen – all of which are likely leaving with tomorrow’s update. We’ll have to wait and see if the Ice Boxes stay in Fortnite, as is the case with the Silenced AR and Hunting Rifle.

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