The aim assist feature for Fortnite console players has long created a rift in the game’s community, but a new “exploit” is bringing it to mouse and keyboard (KBM).

Epic Games retooled the game’s aim assist system in the v10.40 update which, among other things, helped to relieve “left trigger spamming” along with introducing a revamped weighting algorithm to Fortnite.

The news turned out to be a point of dread for PC players, seeing as this meant console players’ already-controversial aim assist was getting improvements. But it now seems like everyone in the Fortnite community can take advantage of it.

Aim assist for PC players could change the landscape of the Fortnite competition. Credit: Epic Games

In a video, YouTuber ‘Ohhyy’ outlined how they can get the effects of aim assist while using KBM with a few tweaks of the backend controls in the game.

By hooking up a controller to PC, Ohhyy gave the joystick a bit of a “stick drift” and then activated the new aim assist mode.

To make the stick drift, the YouTuber went into Fortnite’s controller settings and set the “Dead Zone” to a very low setting of 0.05, which the game warns players should “use at your own risk.”

But when they went back to using KBM in a practice session, the crosshair started following the target apparently without any movement from the user’s mouse.

“If you use (the technique) you could literally just aim assist on PC,” they said. “If I help the aim assist when (the opponent) moves around, it’s tracking him when he goes up and everything.”

The YouTuber later noted that the small drift would basically give Fortnite players “aimbot on PC,” since the trick gives the already precise capabilities of a mouse an even better time tracking their target.

If aim assist was implemented to level out the playing field for console players going up against their PC counterparts, then the exploit kind of tilts the favor back to PC players who use it.

This definitely doesn’t seem like an intended mechanic from the devs, so don’t be surprised if it gets patched out sooner than later.

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