Shockwave grenades are well-known for their mobility but you can actually use them as a combo with floor traps to come away with some easy eliminations.

If you’re hoping to make a career out of Fortnite, you’ll need to learn a thing or two that will help separate you from the rest of the competition.

One of those ways would be to learn some interesting combos that not everyone may be aware of. Shockwave grenades are good to use to get out of trouble, but they can also be used aggressively in the right hands.

Shockwave Grenades are powerful in the right hands.

Reddit user Clusterclucked showed off how deadly this combo can really be by quickly eliminating an opponent.

It started when he was able to get the low ground beneath him, where he placed a floor trap and planned his next move.

The Shockwave Grenade will propel you through structures and break them along the way, so Clusterclucked used this knowledge to crush through his opponent’s build, causing them to fall on the trap and be eliminated.

Plays like this will take a lot of practice but once you finally pull it off, you’ll have an extreme sense of accomplishment.

Despite how easy the video makes it look, it’s actually pretty situational as you’ll have to be directly beneath your opponent and hope their reflexes are slow enough to not put down another floor before hitting the trap.

Floor traps remain as dangerous as ever.

Nevertheless, this a good technique to keep in your back pocket in a fight as your opponent likely won’t see this one coming.

Speaking of Shockwave Grenade plays, we’ve seen how powerful they can be when we saw Tom ’72hrs’ Mulligan skip across the map and defeat his opponent, making it look almost effortless.

With Season 10 taking away a lot of the mobility options, it’s always good to have these grenades on hand, so why not try to pull off an amazing play with them the next time you have some?

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