A new set of Fortnite challenges has been leaked called “Hide and Seek” and there are 11 in total.

Fortnite challenges are a good way to keep the game feeling fresh, which is why a new set of them arrive weekly.

This leaked set of Hide and Seek challenges brings 11 new objectives to the table, but surprisingly, they don’t require players to hide or seek.

New challenges are on the way.

With a name like this, you’d expect to see some special objectives, but they’re pretty much the same as they’ve always been.

Here’s a look at what we can expect from these challenges.

  • Land at Frenzy Farms, Slurpy Swamp, Sweaty Sands
  • Harvest 500 wood, 400 stone, 300 metal
  • Eliminations at Frenzy Farms or Sweaty Sands
  • Search chests at Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake
  • Consume foraged items
  • Deal damage to opponents with a pickaxe
  • Hit 5 consecutive weak spots while harvesting
  • Hit headshots
  • Visit landmarks in a single match
  • Eliminations in different matches
  • Search the hidden “T” from the loading screen

It’s important to mention that these challenges remain a leak so they are to be taken with a grain of salt until we get confirmation from Epic Games themselves.

With that said, they do line up with what we’ve gotten out of the challenges in the past so they do seem likely to occur.

It seems that the weekly challenges have been one of the only things that have remained consistent in Chapter 2 as patch notes have been ditched this season without any reason why.

For example, the update on November 5 added into a Harpoon Gun without warning and it’s actually a pretty good weapon. Players have been openly wondering if patch notes would ever return, and we don’t have an answer for that.

The only thing we know for certain is more challenges arrive weekly, so we’ll continue to have those to look forward to.

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