The second week of Fortnite missions, ‘Open Water,’ are live. Find out the hidden O location to complete your weekly challenges.

We’re only a few days into Fortnite Chapter 2, and already have two weeks’ worth of challenges to complete. Thankfully, Epic is making it easy for us so far.

The missions for Chapter 2 seem to be much easier than they have been in the past. This week, you’ll have to do things like survive the storm, deal damage with pistols, and other challenges that only require you to play the game.

The most difficult challenge for week 2 is going to be “Deal damage within 10 seconds of leaving a Hideout.” It may take a few tries to finish this one. Apart from that, the only mission that will require a guide is the hidden O location, which you can see in the ‘Open Water’ loading screen.

Hidden O Location

This image shows Craggy Cliffs in the background, where you can find the hidden O underneath the patio that overlooks the water. Craggy Cliffs is located in E1, close to the Northernmost point in the map.

Make sure you finish at least eight of the week 2 challenges before heading over there, or else the O won’t be available. It will likely be a hike to the next circle, but there should be a boat nearby. Here’s a video tutorial to make things easier for you.

Two weeks of Fortnite Chapter 2 challenges show us that Epic is sticking to their word – at least for now. We haven’t had to run around collecting things or farming Stop signs as we did last season.

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