The elusive Fortnite Season 8 Helicopter has been getting tracked by the community with a keen eye. The survey copter has moved to an all new location once again.

All throughout Season 8, players have been keeping an eye on the mysterious Helicopter. It started its path from the north side of the Volcano and has made a long loop around most of the Fortnite map.

Each time the Helicopter moves, the vehicle has a telescope pointed towards some point of interest. Sometimes, this has meant the release of new dig sites and the like. At other times, not much has happened and the Heli simply moves on.

It’s a little bit of a troll by Epic to keep players guessing as to what the true purpose of the Helicopter is. All types of fan theories have popped about the reason behind the vehicle’s movements.

The newest location the Helicopter has decided to make its nest is right above Tilted Towers. Let the fan-theories about the end of Tilted Towers commence.

The Helicopter’s new location above Tilted Towers

Don’t panic! The telescope is not pointing towards Tilted Towers, it’s directed towards Loot Lake. We suspect that the location will soon have a new dig-site of its own.

These dig-sites are probably clues to the storyline going into Season 9 and the Fortnite World Cup festivities. We can’t know for sure, but the theory fits the bill for former seasons.

Reddit FortniteBR community member ‘Seawod’ has updated their map of the Helicopter pathing throughout the Season. The Helicopter has already traveled to 13 locations, where will it go next?

Updated Map of helicopter’s locations! (sorry for being late) from r/FortNiteBR

What are some of your ideas as to what the Helicopter might truly mean? Who is controlling this flying object and why are taking such close looks at so many different locations?

We’ll all know the answers to those questions soon enough as we are more than halfway through (already?) Season 8.

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