In the July 2018 report by SuperData research covering the Worldwide digital games market, studies suggested that Fortnite has actually already peaked and from now on, growth is stagnating.

Evidence for this lies in the fact that “Fortnite revenue is up only 2% from June. Growth was modest despite Epic releasing Season 5 of the game’s battle pass midway through the month.”

It’s possible that Fortnite has already hit its highest point. Bear in mind, July is also in the middle of school holidays for many across the globe, meaning that growth should have continued to grow massively, however it seems to have slowed down.

Fortnite’s explosive growth dramatically slows down suggesting the game has peaked”, claims a subheading.

What do you think? Is Fortnite decreasing in growth? If so, why? Has the amount of people playing got too high or are they simply just getting bored?

Bear in mind, the revenue for Fortnite in July 2018 was still more than the previous month, but not with a gap as large as other months. Let’s see what happens in August’s report.

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