This concept would turn the Fortnite map into a proper racing game with multiple courses.

Racing games were some of the very first video games and they are still a ton of fun to play.

Some people have created race tracks in Fortnite Creative including this teacher who created one for her student and kids to race on.

This concept isn’t as in-depth as an actual race course, instead it just plots out four different courses around the Fortnite map.

The concept was created by DatAverageMonikaFan who determined tracks for the race courses.

I had an idea for a playground custom lobby event “FORTNITE ATK Grand Prix” feedback and critisism is appreciated!!! from r/FortNiteBR

People who have spent some time playing Mario Kart will be familiar with how scoring in Grand Prixs works.

A finish is tied to a point total with the difference between first and second being more points than the difference between fourth and fifth.

This concept would only be available in the Playground so scoring rules would have to be determined by the participants.

The track would also need to be set up to make sure nobody is cheating by cutting corners, and I’m not sure how the best way to do that would be.

I’ve seen people do much crazier things in Fortnite Creative so I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem for the talented people who are creating things in that mode.

The best solution in the future would honestly be for Fortnite to add a race track prefab. Then you could lay Hotwheel like tracks around the map and make some truly incredible things.

With that prefab, you could even make “tri-athalons” that use multiple vehicles through different sections of the map. Start in a plane, move to a Quadcrasher and finish off on a Driftboard.

There are a ton of possibilities if Epic gives Creative the tools they need to make proper race tracks.

By having there be a distinct track in Creative, they would prevent cheating and also could introduce bots of different difficulties to fill out the Grand Prix.

They could add jumps and loops as part of the track and creators could add fun obstacles from all the many options already available in Creative modes.

I’m having fun just thinking about this concept, is it something you would play?

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