It appears that Epic Games plans to build at the Samsung-exclusive Galaxy set even more by giving Galaxy Skin owners the new Galaxy Llama Spray in Fortnite!

Patch v7.00 added the new Galaxy Llama Spray which seemed to slipped past most dataminers due to all of the new content.

Just as you would expect given the name, the Spray features a Llama with a Galaxy background – a perfect match for the Galaxy Skin, Pickaxes, and Back Bling set.

A release date nor an official announcement has yet to be made. We can expect to see the Spray added to the inventories of those who own the Galaxy set in the near future, just as we did with the Pickaxe and Back Bling.

This leaves a Galaxy Contrail until the Galaxy Set is completed. Originally, those who purchased select Samsung Galaxy devices were only given a Skin, Epic has since built out the set with matching cosmetics.

What are your thoughts on the Galaxy Set? Is it as rare and hyped as most players seem to make it out to be, or is it overrated? How about Sprays, do you use Sprays or are they as irrelevant and underwhelming as some players say?

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